Al-Hikmah University International School Student Qualifies for the TVCWN Female Debate Championship

Hikmah Abulkareem, a student at Al-Hikmah University International School, has qualified for the female senior secondary school debate championship. organized by the TVC Communications Women Network. The competition aims to provide a space for female students in Nigeria and the next generation of leaders in the region to contribute to important discussions on leadership and sustainable development.

Hikmah Abulkareem qualifying for the female debate championship is a remarkable achievement that highlights Al-Hikmah University International School’s commitment to education and the extraordinary abilities of its students. Their success serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, breaking down barriers and proving that young women can excel in any field they choose to pursue. The future holds great promise for these talented debaters, and their journey is a testament to the power of education and determination in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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