On May 20th, 2023, Al-hikmah University’s Centre for Community Development started a community health outreach giving back to host communities by carrying out medical tests and giving out medications to residents of IGBAJA TOWN, YARU, and BALOGUN OJA in Ifelodun local government area of Kwara state.
The team was led by the Director of the Centre for Community Development, Dr. K.I. Nageri, supported by the Community Development Ambassadors and the Departments of Nursing and Public Health with their undergraduate and postgraduate students from Al-Hikmah University.




It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Centre for Community Development (CCD) page.

The Centre for Community Development (CCD) was established to broaden and deepen
the link between Al-Hikmah University and the host community and beyond for sustainable
community development within and outside the University. CCD is the initiatives and processes
through which the university’s expertise in new knowledge of teaching and research are applied
to address issues of sustainable community development in the lives of the people.
The thematic arears of CCD, Al-Hikmah are:
1. Water provision and Basic Amenities
2. Community health extension
3. Empowerment
4. Orphans and vulnerable

To be a foremost centre in Advocating participatory and sustainable community development
within and outside Al-Hikmah University

To encourage hands-on and practical sustainable community development through research


Community development is the initiatives and processes through which the university’s expertise in teaching and research are applied to address issues relevant to its community. Universities are expected to have communally positive relationships with communities and civil societies within and outside the University for the sharing and transmission of beneficial knowledge. Community development requires the application of new knowledge formed and practically applying it to actual situation with the aim of positively impacting and developing the lives of the people at the level of the community.

The principal roles of Universities are teaching, learning, research and community development. Within the University’s confine environment, research, teaching and learning usually takes place while community engagement and development usually takes place outside the University’s environment. The infusion model of University community engagement and development sees the University as having two fundamental roles – teaching and learning, and research but comprehends community development as infused and integrated into teaching and learning courses such that teaching and learning benefits from community engagement and community engagement and development benefits from the teaching and learning processes. Universities that adopts this model are referred to as the “Community Engaged University”.

Community development is one of the central dominant goals of Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria because it holds the key to a sustainable Al-Hikmah University community interaction since both parties’ benefits from the process. These benefits serve as a source of motivation for Al-Hikmah University and the host communities to continuously participate in the engagement.

Al-Hikmah University Centre for Community Development (CCD) thematic area are but not limited to;

  • Water Provisions and basic Amenities,
  • Empowerment (to be carried out by lecturers and students),
  • Orphans and vulnerable Children (donating sandals, school bag, paying school fee, school children feeding, etc.), and
  • Community Health Extension.


All CCD activities and projects are participatory such that the project or service to be implemented should be pressing to the community, the community must participate and contribute financially and non-financially in order to make it a sustainable community development activity.

The CCD is open to collaborators and enters into MoUs with external donors whose donations will complement the resources of the community and the CCD, Al-Hikmah University.

The CCD shall introduce compulsory certificate short courses in Development Studies and Practice to undergraduate, postgraduate students of the Al-Hikmah University and the public from NGOs, Government agencies, ministries and parastatals.


Thank you.

K. I. Nageri (Ph.D., ACS)

Email: ccd@alhikmah.edu.ng

Ag. Director, Centre for Community Development


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