In the present society, many marriages are unstable, and the stable ones are conflict habituated. The consequences of marital instability and conflict habituated marriage have devastating effects on the couples, their children, the extended family and the society at large. Professional training in Matrimonial Conflict Management will help to reduce cases of divorce and foster healthy relationship among married couples.


The programme is designed to train prospective candidates on how to:

a. apply concepts and techniques in the assessment and management of marital conflict;

b. disseminate information on the causes and consequences of marital conflict/divorce; and

c explore career opportunities in the field.


The programme is open to Counsellors, Legal practitioners, Social-workers, Psychologists, Clergies, and all other candidates interested in developing professional skills in helping profession.

Minimum Qualification

Any candidate seeking admission into this professional programme should be a first degree holder preferably in Counselling, Psychology, Law, Islamic Studies or Sociology.



Lecture Periods

Friday 3pm-6pm and Saturday 9am -11am, 11am – 1pm, and 2pm – 4pm

Tuition fee

#30,000.00 (Thirty Thousand Naira Only)

Application Fee


Deadline for Application

17th January, 2024

Method of Application


For Enquires, Please Contact

Ag. Director or the Programme Coordinator on
08033968704 or 08036845123

Brief About the Centre

Al-Hikmah University Guidance Counselling Unit was established by the Senate of the University on 11th May, 2012. Dr. (Mrs.) Jamila Yusuf was one of the pioneer staff of the Unit. She was appointed as the Acting Director of the Centre in 2018 till date. The name of the Unit was later changed to Al-Hikmah University Counselling and Human Development Centre (AUCHDC) as recommended by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Al-Hikmah University Counselling and Human Development Centre (AUCHDC) was established to provide a wide range of counselling and human development services, particularly to students, in order to address academic, career, personal, social and spiritual challenges which may interfere with their education. In order to meet the psychological needs of the entire members of the University community, AUCHDC offers variety of services to the Staff and Students of the University with the goal of resolving individual difficulties as well as nurturing personal and collective growths. The services provided by the centre are in form of individual counselling, group counselling, seminar/workshop and other community services.

Objectives of the Centre

According to National Universities Commission (2013), the objectives of University Counselling and Human Development Centre is to;

serve as academic and career development outfit dedicated to helping students and other designated clients to explore career opportunities, gain career- related experiences and acquire skills that would enable them make successful transition after graduation in the area of employment or further education;

provide counselling services to students, staff and other clients within and outside the university community;

liaise with Alumni and Professional Bodies to organize career development activities;

liaise with the Chief Medical Officer of the university in planning and organizing activities for students on health-related concerns;

laise with the Dean of Students Affairs on students’ welfare and co- curricular activities; and

organize enlightenment programmes for members of the university community.

Goals of the Centre

Al-Hikmah Counselling and Human Development Centre is meant to serve as one-stop provider of competence for Al-Hikmah University students in all discipline and in order to acquire skills of creativity, innovation and awareness of relevant opportunities that would link undergraduates and postgraduate students to the world of works.

Al-Hikmah University Counselling and Human Development Centre provides quality, integrated, seamless accessible knowledge and skills that would holistically assist undergraduates and graduate students to develop effective and functional development skills with focus on moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, social and psychological guidance that are necessary in fostering creativity, scholarship and innovation in their various areas of endeavor.

Initiatives by the Centre

1. Drug abuse Campaign.

2. Sexual Health Education Workshop on Management of Social-Vices by Stakeholders with Emphasis on Drug/Substance Abuse, Internet Addiction, Illicit Sex and other Related Maladaptive Behaviour.

3. Life After Graduation Programme.

4. Peer Education Programme.

5. Sensitization on Understanding Depression, Suicide and Self Help.

6. Drug abuse sensitization by the NDLEA.

7. Excursion to Diamond Park, New Eid Road, Ilorin.

8. Professional Certificate in Matrimonial Conflict Management.

9. Talent Exhibition.