Audhubillahi Mina Shaytani Rojeem. Bismillah Rahamanir Raheem.

As Salaam Alaekum Waramatulahi Wabareakatuhu.


We glorify Almighty Allah (SWT) Who has preserved us to witness today’s matriculation ceremony – the official welcome ceremony of our fresh students into Al-Hikmah University.

Today’s event highlights the process of formally becoming bonafide students of our Great University, Al Hikmah University, Ilorin. Our University is unique in many respects:

  • first Islamic faith-based University in Nigeria having been established in 2005;
  • NUC Full accreditation status of academic programmes;
  • professional accreditation of specialised programmes – Law, MLS, Public Health and Nursing;
  • operates the lowest fee regime among private Universities in Nigeria;
  • provides quality education blends with moral and spiritual essence; and,
  • non-discriminatory policy on students enrolment and staffing.

It is only today, after you have sworn the Matriculation Oath and signed the Matriculation Register that fate has paved the way for your destiny at Al-Hikmah University. As you might have noticed in the course of your experience since your resumption, the University has provided all the facilities required to enhance learning, teaching and research. These include the provision of lecture rooms with modern teaching facilities, a robust Internet Access, physical and e-learning materials in the Library, sporting and recreational facilities among others.

I am pleased to inform you that in line with modern trends and reality of this time, the University is laying emphasis on and promoting Entrepreneurial skills. We have in place Abdulraheem Oladimeji Centre for Entrepreneurship and Vocational Studies (AOCEVS) for various trade and skills acquisition. This is aimed at changing the mind-set of our students from being prospective employees, scouting and roaming the streets for unavailable white-collar jobs, creators and employers of labour. Through our entrepreneurial programme, every student shoulld have acquired requisite skills in the chosen trade and registered own company with the Corporate Affairs Commission, before graduation.

In line with the above and to further guide your career choice, the University Management is making arrangement for the commencement of   regular “Role Model Public Lecture Series”, where successful youths and University Alumni would be invited to tell their success stories.

As I welcome you to Al-Hikmah University, let me reiterate that Our Vision and Mission Statements should be your compass. You must allow the messages to remain firmly in your hearts:

VISION: To serve as forerunner in the provision of quality education of International standard.

MISSION: To be an educational institution where sound academic knowledge blends with moral and spiritual excellence.

Similarly, please take special interest in the University Anthem. The first two words of the anthem are of particular spiritual importance – “A-LLA-HU AK-BAR, A-LLA-HU A-KBAR”. These are very touching, highly significant and very effective words to recite at all time. Endeavour to allow the words to be your motivator. Once you put Allah first in whatever you do and at any circumstance, Allah will guide You right and provide protection and relief for any hardship. Always remember that the fear of Almighty Allah (SWT) is the beginning of wisdom. You should also endeavour to learn the two stanzas of the University Anthem by heart, sing and hymn it is every now and then.

At this juncture, let me sound a note of warming to all our matriculating students on a matter of serious concern: acts of indiscipline among students. Please note that the University management has zero tolerance to indiscipline in any guise – disobedience to University rules and regulations, truancy, night-crawling, drug use and abuse, examination malpractice, cultism and any other anti-social acts. We shall do all it takes to execute our mandate of providing quality, all- round education. However, any student caught contravening the University rules and regulations shall not be spared by evoking the sanctions attained in the University Law. There is no room for impunity in our University. Al-Hikmah University should set good examples for others to emulate and not otherwise. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed!

Looking round, you will no doubt feel happy to see your colleagues, all dressed colourfully in their Matriculation Gowns and regalia. You should take today’s ceremony as a personal challenge to aspire to be in this same assembly in the next four or five years, as one of the Graduands at the Convocation ceremony, In sha Allahu.

The journey of that year starts today! Work hard as rest is sweet only after labour.

Finally, on this memorable occasion, let me congratulate all our lucky matriculating students and rejoice with our proud parents who are important Stakeholders of the University. On behalf of the Founder, BOT, governing Council and University management, I sincerely appreciate our parents for making Al- Hikmah University the University of First Choice for their wards. In Sha Allahu, you will never regret your decision. Ameen. As parents, you have done YOUR BEST by sponsoring your wards to our University; as management, we shall equally do OUR BEST by providing conducive environment for quality education to our students; in a similar manner, the students should also do THEIR BEST by making themselves available for learning and obeying University rules and regulations.

To our parents who are physically present at today’s ceremony, we wish you journey mercies back to your various destinations. To others who are not here with us, wishing you the best. Jazakhallahu Khayran.

I wish all our lucky matriculating students Almighty Allah'(SWT)’s protection, guidance and support throughout your academic sojourn in Al-Hikmah University. Ameen.

May Almighty Allah (SWT) bless you all!

As-Salaam Alaekum Waramatulahi Wabarakatuhu.

Prof. Noah Yusuf


Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin

Friday, 11th February, 2022.

10th RAJAB, 1443 A. H.)

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