The delegates of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) led by Mrs Ajayi Grace stated that Al-Hikmah University would gain Global recognition by partnering with UNESCO in area of research.


Mrs Ajayi expressed this in a courtesy visit to the University Management on 2nd July, 2021.  She added that UNESCO has two programmes for tertiary institutions: the UNESCO Chair and the UNESCO Uni-twin programmes. She further, revealed that UNESCO Chair is an international network of over 770 institutions in 126 countries in which Al-Hikmah University can key into. She added Al-Hikmah University only needs to identify an area/field and conduct a credible research that would benefit the institution and the world at large. The Uni-twin Programme according to her is a network that brings different universities together to share experience and research of global interest.

She, however, pointed out that UNESCO does not fund project but it can facilitate research grants for universities after confirming the level of commitment of the institution.

The Vice Chancellor, Al-Hikmah University, Prof. Noah Yusuf in his remarks urged UNESCO to showcase the University especially with the novel idea of the University which has to do with the Secondary School Mentoring programme.


The Vice Chancellor added that one of the corporate social responsibility packages of Al-Hikmah University is to train teachers and students on how to maximize their potentials. In his words “if UNESCO showcases Al-Hikmah University, other institution would emulate the institutions and this would reduce banditry and terrorism in Nigeria”.   

The Dean of Postgraduate School, Prof. A.O.Y. Raji assured the team that UNESCO would be proud of Al-Hikmah University in this partnership.

   On his own part, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Paul Akinubi, urged the team to formalize the collaboration. He added that partnering with UNESCO would increase the enrolment of international students in the institution. 

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