Mr. S.A Ibraim

Lecturer II

Historical Background

I, hail from Ilorin West, in Kwara State from the Family of Alhaji Ibrahim Adeyemi Babagba in Pakata area. The family which I can describe as Muslim by religion, middle income earner by economic activities and literate by education.

Educational History

I started my earlier education career in 1981 at Barakat Z.E.B Ilorin, where I obtained Primary school leaving certificate in 1986. I proceeded to Ansarul Islam Secondary School Ilorin in 1987, where I obtain SSCE in 1993. My higher education exposure started from Kwara State Polytechnic in 1995. where I obtained ND and HND, in Statistics, in 1997 and 2001 respectively from Department of Mathematics/Statistics. I, latter got an admission from University of Ilorin in December 2006, where I obtained B.Sc., in Statistics, in 2009. Furthermore, I got an admission for M.Sc., in the same institution, in the year 2009. where I obtained M.Sc. in Statistics in 2011. At present, I am a PhD student in the same Department.


M.Sc., B.Sc.

Research Interest

Modelling, Robust Statistics methods & Data science


        1. Home based Publication
          1. S.A. Ibrahim (2016) A simulation approach to studying normality of sampling distribution. Al-Hikmah Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences(AJPAS) Vol.2. No.2, page 113-120
          2. Braimah, O.J; Jaiyeola, S.B., Musa, R and Ibrahim., S.A. (2015); Effect of sampling errors on a single sampling plan rectifying inspection. Al- Hikmah Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (AJPAS) Vol.2. NO.1., pg 62-69.

          National Publication
          3. S.A. Ibrahim, M.W. Ibrahim and S.B Jaiyeola and A.A Oni (2017); A comparison of some univariate estimators in the presence of outliers. Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics. Vol. 41. No. 1 page 291-296.
          4. S.A. Ibrahim and Y.S. Gorah (2020) Visualization of some Abstract Concepts in Statistics. The Transaction of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol .12 No. 1. (July – Sept., 2020 Issue)

          5. S. A. Ibrahim and N.A. Fadil (2020) A Binary Logistic Regression Analysis of Students’ Performance in Computer Science Programme. The Transaction of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol .12 No. 1. (July – Sept., 2020 Issue)
          Article Accepted For Publication
          1. S. A. Ibrahim, K.S. Isiaka and I.O. Mustapha (2021) A Comparison of Classification Algorithms on students’ Performance in Computer Science Programme using WEKA. The Transaction of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol .15.
          Edited Conference proceeding
          2. S.A. Ibrahim, and W.B. YAHYA (2017) Effect of outlier and multicollinearity on some estimators of linear regression model. Edited conference proceedings the 1st International conference Nigeria Statistical Society. Theme Statistical research and its application Vol. 1. page 204-209

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