Senior Lecturer

Historical Background

Dr. Oladimeji Talibu started his academic career as Graduate Teaching Assistant in International Islamic University Malaysia in 2011. He earned a Master of Human Sciences in Political Science, with specialization in International Relations in 2013 after which he proceeded to Universiti Utara Malaysia for Doctoral Degree. He was awarded the prestigious Postgraduate Scholarship of the University between 2013 and 2017. He was a tutor for four years in the University. Dr Oladimeji Talibu Joined the service of Al-Hikmah University five years ago and he is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies.

Educational History

Universiti Utara Malaysia, 2013-2016 International Islamic University Malaysia, 2010-2013

Research Interest

Foreign Policy, Multilateralism, Conflict Resolution, Migration and Regionalism


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