Dr. (Mrs) Busari Suebat Ajoke

Lecturer II

Historical Background

No 58, Kamaldeen Street Okekere Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria. Ponone numbers : 08056681296 & 08038632668. Email address – sabusari@alhikmah.edu.ng

Educational History

1. Diplaoma in Library Science – Bayero University Kano 1994. 2. B.A Library Science/Political Science – Bayero University Kano 1998. 3. Pot Graduate Diploma in Education – Ekiti State University – 2009. 4. Master in Library and information Studies University of Ibadan 2011 . 5. PhD in Library and Information Technology – Federal University of Technology Minna 2021.

Research Interest

Knowledge Management And Information Literacy


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