On Friday the 28th June, 2024, Al-Hikmah University management, in collaboration with the Postgraduate School, organised an interactive session with postgraduate students at the University Auditorium at Adeta campus, aiming to foster open communication and address students’ concerns.

Al-Hikmah University is renowned for its dedication to academic excellence and student-centred initiatives. The University continually seeks to enhance the educational experience through various interactive programmes.

The session began with an opening prayer followed by reading from the Glorious Quran. Thereafter, the Dean of Postgraduate School delivered the opening remarks which was followed by the Vice-Chancellor’s address.

Key attendees included the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Noah Yusuf, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. G. Akashoro, University Librarian, Mr. Isiaka Alao, Dean, Postgraduate School, Prof. A. O. Y. Raji, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. L. F. Oladimeji Dean of Education, Prof. O. P. Akinnubi, Heads of Departments, postgraduate coordinators and postgraduate students.

Discussions centred around students data on postgraduate portal, prompt payment of school fees, registration for courses on sessional basis, yearly progress report of postgraduate students, lecture attendance, dress code on University campuses, academic performance and student welfare.

The Vice-Chancellor emphasised on the University’s current efforts to upgrade infrastructures and support innovative research projects. He added that the University management is committed to ensuring that postgraduate students receive the best support possible to achieve their academic and professional goals. They were further encouraged to maximise the opportunities at their disposal to complete their academic programmes in record time. He highlighted the attractive factors of postgraduate programmes in Al-Hikmah University which, according to him include, among others:

  • Academic stability of the University
  • Prompt completion of academic programmes
  • Quality education
  • Vantage location in the heart of Ilorin town

Students voiced concerns about some challenges encountered during registration, the need for improved infrastructural facilities and internet connectivity on campuses. The management assured them of ongoing improvements in these areas.

Many of the students expressed their happiness to hear directly from the management about the steps being taken to address their concerns.

The interactive session, which was attended by a large number of postgraduate students, was concluded on a positive note, with both management and students expressing optimism about future engagements.

The University management, in collaboration with the Postgraduate School, plans to hold similar sessions regularly to maintain open lines of communication with the students.

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