Petroleum Chemistry list of Books

1Tyrrell G. W.The Principles of Petrology: An Introduction to the science of RocksQE431.T972019
2Shikha, AgarwalEngineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications. 2nd ed.QD131.A432019
3Sylvester, Okotie et.alReservoir Engineering: Fundamentals and ApplicationsTN871.O562019
4Santanu, Banerjee. et.alAdvances in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum GeochemistryTN871.A392019
5Rao Bhaskara BKModern Petroleum Refining ProcessTP690.R362018
6Chaudhary DeepakPetroleum and Geochemistry of Oil and GasQE515.C432018
7Agrawal N. RamPetroleum and Biogas technologyTP359.A472018
8Prased RamPetroleum: Refining TechnologyTP690.P732018
9Nagesh P. C.Textbook of Geology for EngineersQE33.N342018
10Sayeed AusafTrends in Objective GeologyQE28.2.S292018
11Aaron E. AudusonConcise Applied Geophysics: A Practical ApproachQC903.A842018
12Haghi, A. K. et.alApplied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Vol. 5TP155.A662018
13Martin, J. BluntThe Imperial College Lectures in Petroleum Engineering, Reservioir EngineeringTN870.57.B582017
14Hammesrsley Plummer CarlsonPhysical Geology. 15th ed.E28.2.P582016
15Mall. D. IndraPetroleum Refining TechnologyTP690.M352015
16Selley C. Richard (et…al)Elements of Petroleum Geology. 3rd ed.TN870.5.S452015
17Galadima Ahmed AminuPetroleum Technology Development Fund 2015TN864.P482015
18Jacob Neeka B. Ph.D.Petroleum Technology Development FundTN864.P482015
19Reading H. G.Sedimentary Environments: Processes, Facies and StratigraphyQE471.S3782015
20Boggs Sam, Jr.Petroleum of Sedimentary Rocks. 2nd ed.QE471.B642014
21Sharma Deepark Petroleum and Science EngineeringQE369.06.B672014
22Chartterjee ChinmayPetroleum Geochemistry TN.870.5.S432014
23Jain S. K.Mineral Processing. 2nd ed.TN500.J352014
24Sharma DeeparkPetroleum Science and EngineeringTN870.5.S432014
25Chatterjee ChinmayPetroleum Geochemistry TN870.5.C432014
26Chand, S.Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics)TH5.R362014
27Bose, GunamayOptical MineralogyQE369.06.B672014
28Steve, AzaikiOil, Gas and Life in NigeriaHD449.A772014
29Catuneanu O.Principles of Sequence TratigraphyQE651.C382013
30Ajayi FemiPetroleum Technology Development Fund 2013TN864.C662013
31Isabel, AngelouEarth Science TodayQE26,2.I832013
32Gokhale N. W.A Manual of Problems in Structural GeologyQE41.G652012
33Dorrik A. V. StowSedimentary Rocks in the Field: a Colour GuideQE471.S762012
34Tarbuck, Lutgens TasaEarth Science. 13th ed.QE26.2.T372012
35AshcroftA Petroleum geologists guide to Scismic Reflection TN 269.14 . A542011
36Ashcroft WilliamA Petroleum Geologist’s: Guide to Seismic ReflectionTN269.14.A842011
37Eriksen AsgerThe Geological Field Guide Series Field Geophysics. 4th ed.TN269.M552011
38Hota Rabindra NathPractical Approach to PetrologyQE364.H682011
39Hyne, Norman J.Nontechnical Guide to Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling and ProductionTN870.5.H962011
40Adams, A.E. et al.Carbonate Sediments and Rocks Under the MicroscopeQE471.15.C32011
41Mongomery W. CarlaEnvironmental GeologyQE38.M662011
42Getis Arthur to GeographyG70.G482011
43Robindra Nath HotaPractical Approach to Crystallography and MineralogyQE364.H682011
44Dexter, PerkinsMineralogy. 3rd ed.QE363.2.P472011
45Salvatore J. RandSignificance of Tests for Petroleum Products. 8th ed.TP691.R362010
46Mukkanti K.Environmental Studies: A Textbook for UndergraduatesQE70.M852010
47Marland P. BillingsStructural Geology. 3rd ed.QE601.B552010
48Sam Boggs. JrPetrology of the igneous rocksQE461.S362009
49James, S. MonroeThe Canging Earth: Exploring Geology and Evolution. 5th ed.QE26.2.M662009
50Susan M. LibesIntroduction to Marine Biogeochemistry. 2nd ed.GC116.L532009
51Gary NicholsSedimentology and Stratigraphy. 2nd ed.QE571.N532009
52Bell F. G.Engineering Geology. 2nd ed.TN24.B452008
53Sarkar E.N.Advance Petroleum RefiningTP690.8.S272008
54Sarkar G. N.Advanced Petroleum RefiningTP690.8.S272008
55Nic BirneyIgneous PetrologyQE 28 .W552007
56Manning C. JohnApplied Principles of HydrologyGB661.2.M362007
57Chakraborty DebashisFundamentals of Geographic Information SystemG70.71.C432007
58Cunningham William P. ScienceGE105.C862007
59Klass Donald L.Biomass for Renewable Energy, Fuels, and ChemicalsTP339.K532006
60Rao Venugopala P.Principles of Environmental Science and EngineeringGE70.R362006
61Montgomery Carla W.Environmental GeologyQE38.M662006
62Ford, William E.Dana’s Textbook of MineralogyQE366.D362005
63Smith, J.M.Introduction to Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicsTP186.S652005
64Levorsen A.IGeology of PetroleumQE40.L482004
65A.K. Ray Fossils in Earth Sciences QE26.2.R392004
66Chatterjee, Kaulir KisorAn Introduction Mineral EconomicsQE359.C432004
67Sukhtankar, R.K.Applied Sedimentology QE471.S852004
68Berry Mason DietrichMineralogy. 2nd ed.QE36.2.B472004
69Gupta P. RaviRemote Sensing Geology. 2nd ed.QE33.2.G872003
70Wells M. K. (et…al)Petrology of the Ingeous Rocks 13th ed.QE461.H382003
71Totten E. George et.alFuels and Lubricants Handbook: technology, properties, performance and testingTP321.F842003
72Montgomery Carla W.Environmental GeologyQE38.M662003
73Hartman L. Howard et al.Introductory Mining EngineeringTN275.H352002
74Pettijohn F.J.Sedimentary RocksQE471.P482002
75Turner Robert H. ( of Thermal-Fluid SciencesTJ265.C422001
76Porteous AndrewDictionary of Environmental Science and TechnologyGE10.P672000
77Ayoade, J.O.Tropical Hydrology and Water ResourcesGB658.A961998
78Richard C. SellyElements of Petroleum Geology. 2nd ed.TN870.5.S451998
79Landon, R. C.Principles of Petroleum  Development GeologyTN870.5.L291996
80Deer W.A. An Introduction to the Rock-Forming MineralsQE364.D441996
81McBirney, A. R.Igneous Petrology, 2nd ed.QE432.7.M331993
82Domenico A. PatrickPhysical and Chemical HydrogeologyGB1003.2.D661991
83Petters W. SundayRegional Geology of AfricaQE320.P481991
84Fetter, C.W.Applied HydrogeologyGB1002.F481990
85Gribble C.D.Rutley’s Elements of MineralogyQE363.2.H961988
86Ehlens, E. G. & Latt, H.Petrology: Igneous Sedimentary and MetamorphicQE432.7.E441987
87Best, G. N.Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyQE432.7.B471986
88Levorsen, A. I.Geology of Petroleum. 2nd ed.QE40L481985
89Hatch F.H., A.Kwell Petrology of the Igneous Rocks 13th ed. QE432.7.H381984
90Thanbury W. D.Principles of Geomorphology. 2nd ed. (Revised)GB400.5.T461969