Prof. A. O. Y. Raji


Historical Background

Born in 1966; started his teaching career as an Assistant Lecturer at University of Ilorin in 1992; joined Al-Hikmah University Ilorin as Senior Lecturer & HOD, History & Int’l. Studies in 2006: Director Academic Planning, 2006-2011; Deputy Vice-Chancellor Al-Hikmah University Ilorin 2011-2015; rose by 2015 promotion to the rank of Professor; Senate Representative on the Governing Council of Al-Hikmah University, 2016 to Date; Director, CSS 2016-2020; Dean, Postgraduate School 2020-Date.


Primary education at United School, Aran-Orin;
ECWA Secondary School Igbaja, 1980;
HSC, Cambridge, 1982; University of Ilorin for B.A., 1988;
M.A. 1991; 
Ph.D, 2003.


B.A., M.A., Ph.D

Research Interest

Economic and Social History, Inter-state Relations.



  • Theses: 
  1. A.O.Y Raji (1988) “Resistance to Islam and its Survival in Aran-Orin, c.1870-1987” B.A. Long Essay, Dept. of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ilorin, Ilorin.


  1. A.O.Y Raji (1990) “Demystifying the Proselytizing Mission: A Study of Ilorin Over-Rule in Igbominaland, c.1835-1968” M.A. Dissertation, University of Ilorin, Ilorin.


  1. A.O.Y Raji (2002) “Islam and Society in Igbominaland, c. 1835-1968” Ph.D Thesis, University of Ilorin, Ilorin.


  1. Authored and Co-authored Books: Nil

  • Edited and Co-edited Books:
  1. R.O. Lasisi, A.O.Y Raji & R.K. Omoloso (Eds.) (2012) Essential Topics in General Studies for Undergraduates (A Publication of the General Studies Unit, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin-Nigeria), Takbir Press, Ilorin (11 Chapters; pp.1-127).

  • Published Chapters in Edited Books (Not more than two in a book):


  1. R.O Lasisi, J. Ige & A.O.Y Raji (1999)“British Conquest & Colonial Administration

of Nigeria of Nigeria” in H.A. Saliu (ed.) Issues in Contemporary Political Economy of Nigeria, Sally Associates, Ilorin (pp.36-52).


  1. A.O.Y Raji & H.O Danmole (2004) ‘Yoruba Traditional Government’ in N. Lawal et. al (Eds.), Understanding Yoruba Life and Culture Africa World Press, Trenton, U.S.A. (pp. 259-270).


  1. A.O.Y Raji (2009) “The Agriculture and Food Security Agenda of President Umaru 

Musa Yar’Adua: How Realistic?” in I.B Bello-Imam & R.D Abubakre (eds.)             Yar’Adua’s Seven-Point Agenda: An Assessment College Press, Ibadan (pp. 63- 80).


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     (vi)   A.O.Y Raji (2012) “The Forms & Significance of ancient African Civilizations “ in R.O.

           Lasisi, et al. (Eds.) Essential Topics in General Studies for Undergraduates Takbir Press,

           Ilorin (pp. 42-53).


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Ibadan: College Press Ltd. (pp. 45-58).


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  1. A.O.Y Raji & T,S. Abejide (2014) “Agriculture and Food Security Situation in Nigeria” in I.B Bello-Imam (Ed.) National Security & Development in Contemporary Nigeria (A Publication of College of The Humanities & Social Sciences, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin), College Press, Ibadan (pp.210-223).


  1. A.O.Y Raji & T.S. Abejide (2015) “Agriculture & Food Insecurity in a Developing               Economy: A Study of the crises in Nigeria’s agricultural sector” in Alao, D.O. (Ed)                Issues in Conflict, Peace & Governance, (Dept. of Pol. Science, Babcock University,                Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State), Fodnab Ventures, Ibadan, pp. 338-354.


(xi) A.O.Y Raji & T.S. Abejide (2016) “Nigerian Petroleum Resources Management and its 

                Impact on the Economy” in Jawondo, I.A. & Ojakorotu, V.(Eds.) Africa and other 

                Continents since the 19th Century: A Festschrift in Honour of Professor R.O.Lasisi,

                University of Cape Coast Press, Cape Coast., pp.159-188.


(xii) A.O.Y Raji & T.S. Abejide (2016) “The British Mining and Oil Regulations in Colonial

                Nigeria, c.1914-1960: An Assessment” in Wuam, T. & Egwemi, V.(Eds.) The 1914

               Amalgamation & a Century of Nigerian Nationhood (Publication of I.B.B. University, 

               Lapai and Kaduna State University, Kaduna), Bahiti & Dalila Publishers, London, 

               United Kingdom, pp.435-453.

  • Published Journal Articles:


  1. O. Akinwumi & A.O.Y Raji (1990), ‘The Wangarawa Factor in the History of

Nigerian Islam: The Example of Kano and Borgu’ Islamic Studies, Journal of Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University, Pakistan Vol.29 (4) (pp. 375-385)

  • A.O.Y Raji (1997), ‘Aspects of the Early History of the North-Central Yoruba’ West 

 African Journal of Archaeology, University of Ibadan, Vol.27, No.1 (pp. 41-50).


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 Regulations in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria, 1960s-2000: An Assessment’

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(xxviii) A.O.Y Raji (2015) ‘Agricultural sector’s performance in an emerging Democracy:

             Power Relations and Food Security situation in Contemporary Nigeria’ Journal of 

            International Centre for Science, Humanities & Educ. Research ICSHER, Benue

            State University, Makurdi, Vol. 1 (3), (December), pp.66-78.


(xxix) A.O.Y Raji (2015) ‘Production and Distribution Mechanisms of the Blacksmithing 

              Industry in Pre-Colonial Ilorin Economy: An Assessment of the Role of Women’ in

              Ilorin Journal of Marketing University of Ilorin, Vol.2, No.1 (Dec.), pp.87-98.


(xxx) T.S Abejide, A.O.Y Raji & L. Grundlingh (2016) ‘Environmental Oil-Related Conflicts

              in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria, 1990-2010’ Osun Sociological Review, Dept. of

              Sociology, Osun State University, Okuku Campus, Nigeria, Vol.3, No.1(Jan.), pp.83-98.


(xxxi) A.O.Y Raji (2016) ‘The Missionary Factor in the Growth of Lagos, Nigeria in the 19th   

              Century’ Journal of University Scholars in Religions, Department of Religion and 

              Philosophy, University of Jos, Vol.1, Issue 6 (September), pp. 368-386.

  • Monographs: Nil

  • Technical Reports: N/A

  • Journal Articles Accepted for Publication:


  1. A.O.Y Raji (2017) ‘British Colonial Economic Policy in Northern Nigeria: The 

Example of Ilorin Province, 1897-1960’ Al-Hikmah Journal of the Humanities,            Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin – Nigeria, Vol. 3 (Accepted).


  1. A.O.Y Raji, & A.O Olumoh (2018) ‘Women & their Role in the Economy of Pre-

Colonial Ilorin, Northern Nigeria’ African Research Review A Multidisciplinary             Journal, Haramaya University, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia (Accepted).


  1. A.O.Y Raji (2019) ‘Women and their Mercantile exploits in Yorubaland before 1900:The Gender Factor in the Distributive sector of the Economy in Pre-colonial South-West Nigeria’ Al-Hikmah Journal of the Humanities Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin – Nigeria, Vol. 3 (Accepted). 


  1.   A.O.Y Raji (2020) “Ilorin-Igbomina Relations in the Pre-Colonial Period” H.O Danmole (ed), Studies in the History of Ilorin Emirate (Accepted).

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