Mrs. Amigun Azeezah Taiwo

Lecturer II

Historical Background

Name: Amigun, Azeezah Taiwo (NEE AGE) Date of Birth: 14th September, 1988 Place of Birth: Lagos State State of Origin: Ilorin-west Nationality: Nigeria Religion: Islam Status: Lecturer II Institution: Al-Hikmah University


B.Tech., M.Tech


– Ph.D Industrial Chemistry University of Ilorin In view
– Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin 2016-2017 November, 2017
– M. Tech. Analytical Chemistry F.U.T Minna 2012-2015
– B. Tech. Industrial Chemistry F.U.T Minna 2005 – 2011

Research Interest

Analytical Chemistry; Nanotechnology; Environmental Chemistry;


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2. Amigun Azeezah T, Basheeru Adebayo K, Amigun Bamidele O, Ayinla and Sheriff O (2021) Physico-Chemical Properties and Heavy Metals Assessment of Wastewater Discharged from Selected Cosmetic Industries in Nigeria. Caliphate Journal of Science & Technology (CaJoST) (1), 51-61.
3. Amigun, A.T., Jamiu, W., Adebayo, G.B and Jimoh, A.A. (2018). Adsorption Study Utilizing Calabash (Crescentia cujete) Seed in the removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Wastewater, Journal of Applied Science and Environmental Management, 22(2), 218-223.
4. Jamiu, W., Adebayo, G. B., Amigun, A. T., Jimoh, A. A., Musa, R. T., & Garuba, B. (2017). Effectiveness of activated carbon from low cost agricultural wastes: physico-chemical and spectroscopic characterization.
5. Amigun, A.T.., Jamiu, W., Adebayo, G.B., Mustapha, S and Jimoh, A.A. (2017). Comparative Studies of Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Wastewater by Blighia sapida Seeds, Pods and their Blends. Jordan Journal of Chemistry, 12 (4), 201-219.
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