Asistant Lecturer

Historical Background

1. Best Graduating Student in the Department of Economics (MSc), Al-Hikmah University

2. Best Graduating Student in the Department of Economics (BSc), Al-Hikmah University

3. Second Best Graduating Student, Faculty of Management Sciences (BSc).

4. Second Best Graduating Student in Al-Hikmah University (BSc).

5. Principal Corper Ilesa High School.

6. Best NYSC Staff Ilesa High School

7. President Education CDs Group.

8. Ameer (President) Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN) Ilesa Zone.

9. President Nigerian Economics Students Association (NESA).

10. Welfare Director National Union of Lagos State Students (NULASS).

11. Deputy Information Chairman Al-Hikmah Students Dawah Committee (ASDAC).

12. Academic Director Nigerian Economics Students Association (NESA). Information Chairman Al-Hikmah Students Dawah Committee, (ASDAC).

13. Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management (Associate Member).

14. Customer Service Marketing (Professional Diploma).

15. Chartered Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management.

16. Nigerian Institute of Management (Graduate Member).

17. Presiding Officer (PO) Ward 08 (Isare), Unit 001(Corporative building), Osun State General Election 2018. 

Educational History

Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin (Msc) 2021-2022 Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin (Bsc) 2013-2017 Bethel Best College Aso Pada Nyanya, Abuja 2011-2012 Command Day Secondary School Maitama, Abuja 2003- 2009 Command Children’s School Asokoro, Abuja 1997- 2003


PhD in view

Research Interest

Monetary Economics Data Analysis Micro and Macroeconomics Development Economics Econometrics


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