Dr. (Mrs) Ahmed Fahdilat Talatu

Lecturer II

Historical Background

No 3, Pakata Road, Isale-oja, Ilorin, Kwara State. Phone no: 08065706026, 08128905664 E-mail: fadeetee@gmail.com DATE OF BIRTH: 31st October, 1989 SEX: Female NATIONALITY: Nigerian STATE OF ORIGIN: Kogi State L.G.A: Lokoja MARITAL STATUS: Married No. OF CHILDREN 4 AGE 7, 5, 2 years and 1 month old

Educational History

Ph. D. Educational Technology 2021 M. Ed. Educational Technology 2014 B. Ed. Educational Technology 2010 Senior Secondary School Certificate 2005 Primary School Certificate 1999

Research Interest

Emerging Technologies in Teaching and Learning at all levels of Education such as the use of Artificial Intelligence,


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