Lecturer I

Historical Background

(a) NAME:            YUSUF GARBA MANJO 
(b) DATEOF BIRTH:             3rd February, 1965.
          (c)  CURRENTPOSTALADDRESS: No 2, Iyara Road, (Behind Police Station), Adewole Estate, 
          (d)  MARITALSTATUS:         Married
          (e)  TEL.NO. ANDE-MAILADDRESS: 08033565183 /    gamjiyusuf@gmail.com 
          (f)DATE OF FIRST APPOINTMENT: i.   LECTURER 1 (Part-Time) – 28/10/20 to 31/10/23(3 years)
                                                          & ii.  LECTURER 1 (Contract) – November, 2023 till date.
          (g) STATUS ON FIRST APPOINTMENT (Regular/Contract):1. Part time 2020; & 2. Contract: 2023                                                                                                                      
(f) DEPARTMENT: Political Science & Public Administration
(g) FACULTY: Humanities
(h) AREA  OF SPECIALIZATION(Reader/Professor only):Public Administration and Policy Science
          A total of thirty One (31) years Post Graduate Experience in Administrative field in Public 
         Service from 1989 to 2020 as follows:
(a) NYSC Scheme at the Federal Housing Authority, Festac Town, Lagos, from October, 1989 and to September, 1990.
(b) Employed as Administrative Officer II GL. 08 into Kwara State Public Service on 24th December, 1990 and had served in the following Ministries/Departments/ Corporation till date as detailed below;
(i). Admin. Officer in Kwara State Local Government Service Commission, Ilorin from 24th December, 1990 to January, 1992
(ii). Admin. Officer in the Department of Lands, Survey and Physical Development Ilorin from February 1992 to June 1992.
(iii) Admin. Officer in General Services Department of the Governor’ Office, Ilorin from July, 1992 – December, 1992.
(iv) Senior Admin Officer in the Kwara State Boundary Commission, Special Duties Department, Governor’s Office, Ilorin from January 1993 to September 1999.
(v) Corporation Secretary; Kwara Investment and Property Development Corporation from October 1999 to August 2003.
(vi) Assistant Chief  Admin officer: Office of Head of Service from August 2003 to October, 2003
(vii) Assistant Chief Admin officer: Ministry of Rural Development from November 2003  to July 2004
(viii) Project Secretary; UNICEF – Assisted Water and Sanitation Project, Kwara State (WATSAN Project) from July 2004 – March 2005.
(ix) Assistant Chief Admin Officer: General Services Department, Governor’s Office, Ilorin from March 2005 – Dec 2006
(x) Chief Administrative Officer: General Services Department, Governor’s Office Ilorin from Jan, 2006 to December, 2009.
(xi) Assistant Director, General Services Department, Governor’s Office, Ilorin from Jan, 2010 to March, 2010.
(xii) Director of Administration and Finance, Government House, Ilorin from April, 2010 to 2018
            (xiii)     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works and Transport from Jan, 2018 to May, 2020.

Educational History

i. Nigeria Law School, Bwari , Abuja. 2021 -2022
ii. University of Ilorin 2010 – 2019
iii. National Open University of Nigeria 2006 – 2016
iv. University of Ilorin 2007 – 2008
v. University of Ilorin 1998 – 2001
vi. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 1985 – 1989
vii. School of Basic Studies, Kwara State College of Tech, Ilorin 1982 – 1984
viii. Idofian Grammar School, Idofian 1981 – 1982
ix. Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Ilorin 1976 – 1981
x. L.E.A Primary School, Alapa 1971 – 1976


i Barrister at Law(BL) (in View)
ii Ph.D (Political Science) 2019
iii Bachelor of Law (LLB) 2016
iv Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration 2010
v Master of Science in Political Science 2009
vi. Master of Public Administration (MPA) 2004
vii. Bachelor Degree in Public Administration 1989
viii. I.J.M.B Advanced Level Certificate 1984
ix. G.C.E Advanced Level Certificate 1984
x WASC O/Level Certificate 1982
xi G.C.E O/Level Certificate 1981
xii First School Leaving Certificate 1976


Research Interest

political science,public adminstration and policy science


List of Publications
(i) The Dilemma and Impacts of Failed Projects on Nigeria’s Economy: A Study of the Defunct Ilorin Cargo Airport Project in Kwara State, Nigeria
(ii) Effects of Fuel Subsidy Removal on Economy and Citizen’s Welfare in Nigeria, in the Lapai Journal of Politics
(iii) Challenges to Protection of Official Records, Data Privacy and Record Management in the Freedom of Information Law Era in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic, in the African Journal of Politics and Administrative Studies (AJPAS), Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. Vol.16.ISSUE 2, Dec, 2023 edition
(iv) Confidentiality and Protection of Official Records in the Era of Freedom of Information Act: Issues and Challenges in the FUWUKARI Journal of Politics and Development (FUWUKARIJPD) Department of Political Science, Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State. Vol.7. Number 1, July 2023 edition.
(v) Maintenance Culture and Challenges of Infrastructural Development in Nigeria, the Implication for Welfare of the Citizenry under the Fourth Republic in the Kashere Journal of Politics and International Relations, Federal University of Kashare, Gombe State
(vi) Effect of Abandoned Road Infrastructure on National Development: A Study of Kishi-Kiama Federal Roads, in Lapai Journal of Administration (LIJAD)
(vii) Effects of Poor Maintenance Culture of Public Infrastructures in Nigeria: A Case Study of Geri-Alimi Split-Diamond Interchange and Underpass Facility, Ilorin, Kwara State in the Lokoja Journal of Politics (L J P), Federal University of Lokoja, Kogi State

(viii)Challenges, Effect and Prospects of Fuel Subsidy Removal on Economy and Welfare of Citizenry in Nigeria, in JOURNAL OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE (ISSN:1675 1302) , Faculty of Administrative and Policy Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam. 30th July, 2023 .

(i) KWARA: Positioning the State of Harmony within the Centenary History of Nigeria (1914-2014).Published in March, 2013. Co-authored with Professor Shehu Ahmad Jimoh, OON & ORS
(ii) Public Policy Making Process in Nigeria: Sub-National and Sectoral Analysis. Published May, 2019.
(iii) Civil Service, Governance and Development: Imperatives of new Reforms for Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria (cases from Sub-national level). Published December, 2019.
(iv) Administration of Public Infrastructures in Nigeria: A Practical Guide to Success for Policy Scientists, Policy Makers, Bureaucrats, Project Managers, Contractors and Consultants. Published in October, 2020.
(v) Practice and Workshop in Public Administration in Nigeria. Published in December, 2020.
(vi) Comparative Local Government Administrations. Published in April, 2020
(vii) Fundamentals of Public Policy Analysis. Published in April 2020
(viii) Foundations of Project Management. Published in 2021
(ix) Comparative Public Administrations. Published in 2021
(x) Reflections on Development of Underdevelopment in Nigeria-Six Decades
after Independence (Published in 2023)