Dr F.M. Jimoh (PhD)

Lecturer I

Historical Background

Dr. Folashade Mistura Jimoh was born in Offa In 1974 to the family of Alhaji and Alhaja Arowolo Shittu of Akosin Compound, Offa. She attended University of Ilorin where she bagged her B.Sc.degree in Mathematics in the year 1999. She proceeded to the University of Ibadan where she obtained her Masters of Science degree also in Mathematics. She bagged her PhD degree in Mathematics in 2017 at the University of Ilorin. Dr. Jimoh is happily married to Mr. Babatunde Jimoh and is blessed children.

Educational History

(a)      Ph.D. Mathematics University of Ilorin. 2017

(b)      M. Sc. Mathematics University of Ibadan. 2010

(c)      B. Sc. Mathematics University of Ilorin. 1999

Research Interest

Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Univalent Functions



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