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Dr. Abejide Taiye Samuel

Senior Lecturer

Historical Background

Dr Abejide, T.S. hails from Egbe, Yagba West LGA of Kogi State. His research interest area is Environmental History and others; Economic History and International Relations.

Educational History

Dr Abejide, T.S. attended ECWA Primary School Oke-Egbe, between 1975-1981. He proceeded to the first community secondary School referred to as, the Egbe Comprehensive College between 1982 and 1987. He equally got admission into the University of Ilorin between 1996-2001. His master’s degree was completed in d same Department of History. His teaching career started at d College of Education Ilorin with d Social Studies Department. He left for further studies in South Africa where he bagged his PhD in Enviromental History.


B.A., M.A., PhD

Research Interest

Environmental History, Economic History and International Relations.


        1. PUBLISHED CHAPTERS IN EDITED BOOKS (Not more than two in a book)


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        1. ‘Politics of Marginalisation in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, c. 1940-2000: An Assessment’ Being a paper presented at the MaidenNational Conference on ‘The Middle Belt in Nigerian Politics since 1945’ held at Department of History and Diplomatic Studies, Federal University of Wukari, Taraba State, between 3-5 February, 2016, Nigeria.


        1. ‘Petroleum Revenue and Development in an Emerging Democracy, the Nigeria Example, 1999-2013’ Being paper presented at the First International Conference of International Centre for Science, Humanities and Education Research (ICSHER), on ‘Power, Energy and Development in Nations’ held at NnamdiAzikiwe University Akwa, Anambra State, between 11-17 March, 2015.


        1. ‘The British Mining and Oil Regulations in Nigeria c. 1914-1960s: An Assessment’ Being Paper Presented at the National Conference on Nigeria since the 1914 Amalgamation, held at Ibrahim BadamosiBabangida University, Lapai, Niger State, between 4-7 May, 2014.


        1. Participant at the 1st Humanities Conference on ‘National Security and Development in Contemporary Nigeria’ held at Al-Hikmah University Ilorin, Nigeria, 12th – 15th May 2013.


        1. “Oil Mineral Resources and Environmental Legislation of the Oil Multinational Companies in Ijawland, c. 1980s-1990s” Being Paper Presented at the 5th Annual Intrnational Conference on ‘Niger Delta: From Crisis to Chances’ held at WITS University on the 29 November, 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa.


        1. “Petroleum Legislation in the Post-Colonial Nigeira, Corruption and Sound Democracy: Environmental History Perspectives 1999-2010” Being Paper Presented at the 3rd Annual International Conference on ‘Oil and Democracy in Nigeria’, 24-25 June, 2011, held at Monash University, Johannesburg, South Africa.


        1. Participant at the 23rdBiennual Conference of Southern African Historical Society (SAHS) on ‘The Past and its Possibilities: Perspectives of Southern Africa’ 27-29 June 2011, held at University of Kwa-Zulu-Natal, Howard College, South Africa.

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