Senior Lecturer

Historical Background

Dr. Adekola Abdulazeez Alao was born on 17th April, 1963 in Olooru, Moro Local Government Area, Kwara State to the family of late Muhammadu Jamiu Adekola Ayinla and Late Alhaja Khairat Abimbola Adekola Awele. Adekola Abdulazeez Alao was the only surviving child of his father.

Educational History

He started Quranic education at the age of three and completed the recitation of Quran in 1976. He started his primary education in 1975 when he was 12 years old and graduated in 1981. He proceeded to Awon-ga High School Shao and graduated in 1986. After his secondary education, he was in Lagos as Motor conductor. By 1988, he secured admission into Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin. Graduated with National Certificate of Education in History and Islamic Studies in 1991. He obtained Higher Diploma in Public Administration at Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin in 1995. He also obtained Bachelor Arts and Education (B.A.Ed) Social Studies in University of Ilorin in 2000. He did his Master of Science in Political and Administrative Studies with specialisation in International Relations at University of Port-Harcourt, River State in 2007. Between 2014- 2019, he obtained his Philosophy Degree in Political Science at Kwara State University, Malete.



Research Interest

Election, Public Administration and Governance


        1. a. Thesis:

          (1) Adekola, A.A. (1995). Communal Projects towards Community/Development (A Case Study of Olooru): Unpublished H.D.P.A Thesis, Department of public Administration, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin

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          b. Published Chapter in Edited and Co-edited Book:

          Local on Chapter in Edited Books:

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          International on Chapter in Edited Book:

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          c. Published Journal and Articles:

          Local Journals

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