List of Journals – Library and Information Science


1Journal of Library &Information ScienceA Publication of The University Library,Olabisi Onabanjo University,Ago-Iwoye1597-58437(1&2),2010;
2Ilorin Varsity International Journal of Library & Information ScienceDepartment of Library & Information Science,,Faculty of Communication and Information Science,University of Ilorin2659-15611 (1),2018;2 (1),2019;
3Nigerian Journal of Library and Information ScienceDepartment of Library,Archival and Information Studies, Universitry of Ibadan0331-91993 (1),2018; 3 (2),2018;4 (2),2019;
4Journal of Library,Science Education And Learning TechnologyFaculty of Education ,Al-hikmah University2705-35391 (1),2019;
5Journal of Library Information Science & Technology A Joint Publication of Ebonyi State University Library &Heirloom Educational Services2141-62571 (2&3),2011;1 (4),2011;
6African Journal of  Behavioural And Scale Development Research Al-hikmah University1 (1),2019;
7University of Ibadan Journal of Library And Information Science Kenneth Dike Library,University of Ibadan 2630-71461 (1),2018; 2 (2),2019; 3 (1),2020; 3 (2),2020;
8Nigerian Libraries Journal of The Nigerian Library AssociationNigerian Library Association 0029-012253(1), 2020; 35 (1),2001; 44 (1),2011; 45 (1),2012;47 (2),2014;
9Nigerian Library And Information Science Review Journal of Oyo State Chapter of The Nigerian Library Association0189-441223(2),2017;24(1&2),2018;25(1),2019;25(2),2019;
10Librarianship in Africa Journal of Library And Information ScienceUniversity of Ilorin1933-83088(1&2),2015;
11Library and Information Perspective and Research  University of Ilorin267258861,(2019);
12Middle belt Journal of Library and Information ScienceNigerian Library Association 1596159518,(2020);19,(2021);12,(2014);13,(2015);14,(2016);15,(2017);16,(2018);17,(2019).
13Ebonyi Journals of  Library and Information ScienceEbonyi State Chapter2488894X8(1),2021
14Ilorin Varsity International Journal of Library and Information ScienceDepartment of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Communication and Information Science, University of Ilorin26591561Vol.1(1&2),2018;Vol.2 (1&2),2019;
15Lagos Journals of Library and Information ScienceNigerian Library Association1596948710 (1),2021
16River State University Journals of Science and Information Mathematics EducationDepartment of Science,  education River StateJune,(2023);
17Nigerian Libraries; Journal of the Nigerian Library Association  Nigerian Library Association 29012249 (1&2),2016;
18African Journal of Library, Archies and Information ScienceDepartment of information studies University of South Africa795477831(1)2021;31(2)2021;33(1),2023; 32(2), 2022
19Academic and Research Libraries JournalAcademic and Research Libraries section1(1&2), 2022
20International Journal of Knowledge DisseminationSamuel Osaigbovo Ogemudia universityof Abuja271443641 (1&2), 2020