List of Journals – Islamic Studies


1Ad-Dirayah;International Journal of Islamic StudiesDepartment of Religion Studies, Nasarawa State University, Keffi,Nigeria2350-1987l.1(1),2012;1(2),2013;11, 2019;BP1.A44
2Al-hikmah Journal of the HumantiesFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciencies, Al-hikmah university.Ilorin,Nigeria2682-50581 (1&2),2008;3 (1),2017;AZ1.A45
3Anyigba Journal of Arabic &Islamic StudiesDepartment of Arabic and Islamic Studies,Kogi State University,Anyigba,Nigeria1597-88931 (2),2018;PJ1.A33
4Al-ljtihad; the Journal of the Islamization of Knowledge and Contemporary Issues International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)Nigeria Office,Kano.1596-62963(1),2002;7(1),2008;1,(2011);10(1),2012 ;12(1),2014;PJ1.A45
5Springboard JournalAl-hikmah University Ilorin, Kwara, State,Nigeria2141-51961 (1),2009; 10 (1),2018;BP1.S78
6Journal of the Nigeria Association of Teachers of Arabic and Islamic StudiesDepartment of Religious Studies,Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile Ife,Nigeria/Tetfund1119-774920,2018; 21,2018;BP1.J68
7Al-hadarah Lasu Journal of Arabic& Islamic StudiesA Journal of the Arabic &Islamic studies units of the Lagos State University Ojo, Lagos1118-01612,1999; .3,2000; 4,2001;5 2002;BP1.H132
8Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies Department of Religious, University of Ilorin, Nigeria2141-70403(1),2013; 4 (2),2014; 5(1),2015; .5(2),2015;BL2.I46
9Journal of Islamic Law (HUJIL)Department of Islamic Law, Faculty of Law,Al-hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria2616-09352,2018;KD2.J68
10Nexus (Humanities editionAl-hikmah University,Ilorin,Nigeria
11Al-LisanDepartment of Arabic,Kwara State College of Arabic and Islamic legal Studies,Ilorin,Kwara State.1596-39343,2005; 2(4),2009; 2(5),2012;BP1.L76
12Journal of King Abdulaziz University(JKAU); Islamic EconomicsScientific Publishing Centre,King Abdulaziz University7383-101818 (1),2005;HB1.J86
13Al-Kalimah;The Word Al-Hikmah University Literary Circle,c/o Department of Language,English Unit,Al-Hikmah University,Ilorin,Nigeria2,(2018);BP1 .A45
14Journal of Arabic and Religious studies (JARS) Department of Religious, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria 0794-36362,1985; 16,2002; 17,2003; 18,(2004&2005);BP1 .J86
15Bauchi Journal of Qur’anic studies Bauchi State Qur’anic Recitation Competition Committee 2550-75401 (1),2016;BP1 .B38
16Horizons of Thought;A Semi-Annual Journal on Islamic Thought and TeachingsImam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute 2423-38972 (1),2016;BP1 .H67
17Journal of University Scholars in Religions Department of Religion and Philosophy,University of Jos,Jos,Nigeri2315-58846,(2016);BP1 .J68
18Degel the Journal of the Faculty of Arts and Islamic studiesUsmanu Danfodio University,Sokoto,Nigeria0794-93167,(2007);BP1.D35
19Al-Asaalah International JournalDepartment of Arabic &Islamic Studies,Faculty of Humanities&Social Sciences,Al-Hikmah University,Ilorin,Nigeria2141-68852 (1),2011; 2 (2),2011; 3 (1),2012; 3 (2),2012; 4 (1),2013; 4 (2),2013; 7(2),2017; 8,(2018); 9,(2019);BP1.A83