List of Journals – Biology


1Lapai Journal of science andTechnologyIbrahim Badamasi Babangida university2346-73716(1),2020
2NISEB JournalNigeria Society for Experimental Biology1595-693820(2),2020
3African Journal Of Reproduction32(1&2),2019;31(1&2),2018;30(1,2&3),2017
4African Journal Of Reproductive HealthWomen’s Health and Action Research Centre1118-48419(2),2005
5Equity Journal Of Science And TechnologyKebbi state University2354-18147(1), 2020
6African ScientistNigerian Society for Experimental BiologyNIL2(1),2002;4(2),2004;5(1);2004;9(2),2008;10(1) 2009;
7The International journal of science NatureNature Food Jnl7.70028E+11576(7787), 2020
8Journal of ZoologyCambridge University Press215-326265,(1,2&3), 2005;266 (4)2005; 267(1,2,3&4), 2005;
9The LichenologistCambridge University Press0024-282940(4),2008
10Genetical ResearchCambridge University PressNIL87(1), 2006
11Journals of the marine biological Association of UKCambridge University Press1267-148786(1,2,3,4&6), 2006
12Parasitology: Symposia of the British Society for ParasitologyCambridge University Press0031-182028(2004);133(2,4,5&6), 2006
13International Journal of biology ScienceAl-Farabi Kazakh, National University1916-968X10,(1,2,3,4,5&6), 2014
14International Journal of AstrobiologyCambridge University Press14721-55046(1), 2007
15Journal of the Nigeria Society for biologyKlobex Academic PublishersNIL
16Afrinet IndexKLobex Academic Publishers0794-473X1(3),2001;2(3&4),2002;3(1,2&3),2003;5(1&2), 2003
17Free Radical Biology & MedicineElsevier0891-584972(2014);75(2014);78(2015);79(2015)
18NJAS: Nigeria Journal of Applied ScienceDepartment of Chemistry, University  of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria0795-135322(2004)
19Al-Hikmah Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (AJPAS)College of Natural Sciences, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria2488-88345(2017)
20Fountain Journal of Natural and Applied SciencesCollege of Natural and Applied Sciences, Fountain University Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria2350­-18635(1&2),2016
21Journal of Tropical EcologyCambridge University PressNIL19(1, 2&6), 2003;20(4&5),2004; 22(5),2006
22Science Focus: An International Journal of Biological and Physical ScienceFaculty of Applied Science1598-702822(1), 2017;23(1), 2018
23International Journal of Biological SciencePAN- African book Company, Accra, GhanaNIL 2(3), 2010