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S/NAuthorTitleCALL MARKCopyYear
1Roger, S. Pressman & Bruce, R. MaximSoftware Engineering ( A Practical Approach)QA76.6.P7432020
2Barney, Lee and McLaughlinC++ Programming: An object oriented ApproachQA76.64.F6712020
3Dehghantanha, Ali of Big Data and loT SecurityQA76.9.H3612019
4Rothwell, Bo William and Kinsey, DeniseLinux Essentials for CybersecurityQA76.8.R6812019
5Kenneth, LambartFundamentals of Python Data structures QA76.73.L3622019
6Nagrath I. J. systems engineeringTJ213.N25612018
7Gori, MarcoMachine Learning: A Constraint-Based AppraochQA76.9.G6712018
8Paul, DeitelJava how to programm Early objectivesQA76.73.D4522018
9Voulgaris, Zacharias for Data ScienceQA76.9.V6812018
10Al-Omari, Ahmad. et.lPractical Information Security: A Competency-Based Education CourseQA76.9.A4812018
11Marinescu, Dan C.Cloud Computing, Theory and Practice. 2nd edition QA76.585.M3712018
12William, StellingsOperating SystemsQA76.76.S7222018
13Vermaat Computers 2017QA76.5.V4312017
14O’Leary, J. Timothy[uting Essentials 2017QA76.5.O4212017
15Stallings, WilliamOperating SystemsQA 76.77 .S7332017
16Goransson, Paul Defined Networks: A Comprehensive ApproachTK5105.58.G6712017
17Igua, Laura & Segui, SantiIntroduction to Data ScienceQA76.9.L4822017
18Skorohod, A. BorisDiffuse Algorithms for Neural and Neuro-Fuzzy Networks: with Applications in Control Engineering and Signal ProcessingQA76.6.S5612017
19Scott, Tiley Analysis and Design 11th ed.QA76.6.T5512017
20Farrell, JoyceMicrosoft Visual C# 2015: An Introduction to Object-Oriented ProgrammingQA76.64.F3612016
21Luszczak, AndreasUsing Microsoft Dynamix AXQA76.76.L8722016
22West, Jill (et…al)Network + Guide to Networks 7th ed.TK5105.W4812016
23Bhatnagar, Ashish and Chauhan S.K.PC Upgrading Maintenance and Troubleshooting GuideQA76.3.B4312016
24Brookshear, GlennComputer Science: An OverviewQA 76 .B7612016
25Elmasri, RamezMeasurement and Assessment in TeachingQA76.9.D312016
26Guzdial, MarkLearner-Centered Design of Computing EducationQA76.6.M3712016
27Deitel, PaulCtt how to ProgrammQA 76.7 .D4512016
28Hoffer, JeffreyModern Database ManagemntQA 76.9 .M6312016
29WILEYInteraction DesignQA76.9.H8222015
30Law, M. AverilSimulation Modeling and AnalysisQA76.9.C6512015
31Charu, C. AggarwalData MiningQA 76.9D3 .A4422015
32Farrell, JoyceProgramming Logic and DesignQA76.63.F3712015
33John, Raasch & Graham, MurrayJava Script and Jquery for data Analysis and VisualizationQA76.73 .J3922015
34Kent, D. LeeData Structure and Algorithms with PythonQA 76.9D3 .L4422015
35Paul, Dietel & Harvey, DeitelHow to programQA76.73.P3832015
36Anand, K. TripathiComputer System and programming in CQA76.65 .T7522015
37Srinivasa, K.G.Guide to High Performance Distributed ComputingQA76.9.S7512015
38Er. Rajiv, ChopraSoftware Testing ( A Practical Approach)QA76.76.R3522014
39Aggarwal, K.KSoftware EngineeringQA76.6.A4412014
40Sharma, Pankaj et.alComputer ScienceQA76.C612014
41Martin, WieczorekSystem and Software QualityQA 76.75 .W5422014
42Matin, P. RobillandRecommendation System in Software EngineeringQA 76.6 .R6322014
43Meena, Manoj KumarComplete Science and TechnologyQA76.M4412014
44Rajesh, K. ShuklaData Structures using C and CttQA76.3.L3432013
45Malay, .K Pakhiracomputer graphics multimedia & animationT385.P3522012
46Behrouz, A. forouzan computer networks a top down approachTK5105.5.F6722012
47Yin, Dar Lincomputer networks an open source approachTK5105.5.L5512012
48Tipton, F. Harold Security Management Handbook 6th Ed.QA76.9.I5412012
49Harwani, B.M.Introduction to Python Programming and Developing GUI Applications with PyQTQA76.73.H3822012
50Deitel, Paul & Deital, HarveyC: How to Program 7th ed.Q76.73.P3812012
51Hamacher, Carl Organization and Embedded SystemsQA76.9.C64312012
52Brookshear, Glenn J.Computer Science: An OverviewQA76.5.G5412012
53Ian, SommervilleSoftware EngineeringQA76.758.S6512011
54Ian, H. wittenData MinningQA76.9.D34312011
55Hoffer, A. Jeffrey System Analysis and DesignQA76.9.J4432011
56Liang, Y. DanielIntroduction to Java ProgrammingQA76.73.J3812011
57Shukla, k. RajeshData Structures using C and CttQA76.3.L3412011
58Schach, Stephen R.Object-Oriented and Classical Software EngineeringQA76.758.S3512011
59Deitel, Paul & Deital, HarveyVisual C# 2010: How to ProgramQA76.73.C15412011
60Hoffer, A. Jeffrey System Analysis and DesignQA76.9.J4412011
61Burd, D. Stephen Systems ArchitectureQA76.9.S7412011
62Shudakar, G.P.Elements of Software Project ManagementT56.8.S8322010
63Richard, N.TaylorSoftware ArchitectureQA76.75412010
64Shelly, RosenblattSystem Analysis and DesignT57.6.G3722010
65Vikas, GuptaSecret Guide to Hardware & NetworkingTK510.5.G8732010
66Pressman, Roger S.Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach 7th EdQA 76.758 .P75 42010
67Otey, MichealHigh Availability with Clustering & Database MirroringQA76.9.D3.O8422010
68Fling, BrianMobile Design and DevelopmentQA76.59.F5512009
69Mishra, Kumar AmitAdvanced Computer ArchitectureQA76.9.A7312009
70Barney, Lee & McLaughlinOracle Database: AJAX & PHP Web Application DevelopmentQA76.9.D3.B3712008
71Leen, AmmeraalComputer Graphics for Java ProgrammersT388.A4822007
72Rob, Peter & Coronel, CarlosDatabase System: Design, Implementation and ManagementQA76.9.R6312007
73Bentley, D. Lonnie Analysis and Design for the Global EnterpriseQA76.B4612007
74Powell, GavinDatabase AdministratorQA76.3.M5612007
75Tanenbaum, Andew S.Structured computer Organization QA76.9.C64322006
76Bigelow, J. StephenTroubleshooting Maintaining & Repairing PCS 5th ed.QA76.B5412006
77Kamal, RajSchaum’s Outlines: Computer ArchitectureQA76.8.C3712006
78Dixit, J.B.Fundamentals of ComputingQA76.D5912005
79Oliver, P.R.MUsing PDF FilesQA76.8.O4522005
80Jurafsky, DanielSpeech Language ProcessingQA76.8.J8712005
81Roy, Van Peter & Haridi, SeifConcepts, Techniques and Models of Computer ProgrammingQA76.25.R6912005
82Bhunia, C.T.Information Technology Network and InternetQA76.8.B4812005
83Weiskamp, Keith Libraries: A Programmer’s ReferenceQA76.7.W4512005
84Dixit,J. B.Fundamentals of computer programming and information technologyQA75.D5922005
85Stallings, WilliamOperating Systems: Internals and Design Principles 5th ed.QA76.8.S7212005
86Deitel, Paul & Deital, HarveyC++ How to ProgrammQA76.25.D4512005
87Brey, B. BarryThe Intel Microprocessor: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing 6th ed.QA76.25.B7422005
88Pierce, C. BenjaminAdvanced Topics in Types and Programming LanguagesQA76.8.P512005
89Stallings, WilliamWireless Communications and NetworkingQA76.8.S7212004
90Loomis, E.S. MaryData Management and File StructuresQA76.L6622004
91William, StallingsData and Computer Communications 7th ed.QA76.8.S7212004
92Forsyth, A. David & Pence, JeanComputer Vision A Modern ApproachQA76.8.F6712004
93Heuring, P. Vincent & Jordan, F. HarryComputer Systems Design and ArchitectureQA76.8.H4812004
94Sarkar, Kumar SwapanA Textbook of Discrete MathematicsQA76.28.S2722003
95Gottleber, T. Timothy More Excellent with XML, XHTML,and Java ScriptQA76.76.G6712003
96Levitin, AnanyIntroduction to The Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsQA9.58.L4812003
97Kroenke, M. DavidDatabase ConceptsQA75.K7612003
98Bennet, StuartReal-Time Computer Control: An IntroductionQA75.B4612003
99Stevenson, Nancy & Elaine, MarmelTroubleshooting Microsoft Office XPQA76.8.U4712003
100Haag, Stephen & Perry, T. JamesMicrosoft Excel 2002QA76.H3312002
101Shah, NileshDatabase Systems Using Oracle: A Simplified Guide to SQL and PL/SQLQA75.S5212002
102Haag, Stephen & Perry, T. JamesMicrosoft Access 2002QA76.9.H3312002
103Byrd, Micheal of Computer TroubleshootingQA76.28.B9712001
104Gottfried, S. ByronSchaum’s Outlines Visual BasicQA76.73.G6812001
105Cyganski, David Technology Inside and OutsideQA76.C9422001
106Friedman, P. Daniel of Programming LanguagesQA76.25.F7512001
107Rajaraman, V.Analysis and Design of Information SystemQA76.8.R322000
108Hubbard, R. JohnSchaum’s Outlines Programming withC++QA76.73.C1512000
109Samanta, DebasisObject-Oriented Programming with C++ and JAVAQA76.7.S3612000
110Hunt, CraigLinux DNS Server Administration QA76.8.H8612000
111CEM, KanerTesting Computer SoftwareQA76.76.T4811999
112Bott, EdmondUsing Microsoft Office 2000QA76.755.U8511999
113Leach, A. JamesAutoCAD 2000 InstructorQA76.L4311999
114Calabria, Jane Microsoft Word 2000QA76.755.U8511999
115Minasi, Mark Complete Networking Upgrade & Maintenance GuideQA76.M5611999
116Bazian, MenachemUsing Visual FoxPro 6QA76.755.U8511999
117Kelly, JukiaUsing Excel 2000QA76.75.U8511999
118Brown, D. Bradley Application Server Web Toolkit ReferenceQA76.B7611998
119Kernighan, W. Brian C Programming LanguageQA76.25.K4721998
120Lewis, Harry of the Theory of ComutationQA74.L4911998
121Gregory, KateUsing Visual C++6QA76.G7411998
122Ganeshan, P. RadhaPascal ProgrammingQA76.25.G3611997
123Ojo, S.O.Introduction to Computer ScienceQA76.28.O5611994
124McGehee, Brad Microsoft SQL Server 7.0QA76.755.U8511991
125Berger, MelvinData ProcessingQA76.23.B4911983
126Karak, P.M.Linear programmingT57.74.K3711979
127Gai, Silvano Building a Future – Proof Cloud Infrastructure: A Unified achitecture for Tetwork, Security and Storage ServicesQA76.7.G3522020
128Augenbaum Scott E.The Scret to Cyber SecurityTK5105.5.A8412019
129Sikos, Leslie F.Al in Cyber SecurityTK5105.5.S5512019
130Sharma Sanjay Signals and system (with MATLAB PROGRAMS)TK5102.9.S5212018
131Al-Omari, Ahmad. et.lPractical Information Security: A Competency-Based Education CourseQA76.9.A4812018
132Marinescu, Dan C.Cloud Computing, Theory and Practice. 2nd edition QA76.585.M3712018
133Skilton, MarkThe 4th Industrial RevolutionQA335.S5512018
134Mueller John P.Artificial Intelligence for dummies A Wiley BrandQA334.M8512018
135Paul DeitelJava how to programm Early objectivesQA76.73.D4512018
136Bramwell PhilHands-On Penetration Testing on WindowsTK5105.5.B7312018
137Dehghantanha, Ali (et…al)Cyber Threat IntelligenceQA76.9.C9312018
138Zhang, YinkgNetwork Function Virtualization: Concepts and Applicability in 5G NetworksTK5105.5.Z3412018
139Teixeira, Daniel (et…al)Metasploit Penetration Testing: Cook Book 3rd ed.TK5105.59.T4512018
140Marco, GoriMachine Learning: A Constraint-Based ApproachQA76.9.G6712018
141P. S. GillComputer Aided Draffing Using AutocadT385 .P6622017
142Cemkaner, Jack FalkTesting Computer Software (2017 reprint)QA76.76  .T48K3622017
143 Interaction DesignQA76.9.P2222017
144Sanjeev SharmaThe DevOps Adoption PlaybookP91 .T322017
145Losa Sabia WilsonWordPress of 11-in-oneTR826 .W68 22017
146Chris BernhardtTuring’s Vision: The Birth of Compter Science (MIT Press)QA29 .T8 A5722017
147MinhuamaSerious Games and Entertainment Application QA 76 ,S4722017
148P. S. GillComputer Aided Draffing using of AutocadT 385 .P6622017
149Jesheph Migga KizzaGuide to Computer Network SecurityTK 5105.59 .K5912017
150Stallings, WilliamOperating SystemsQA 76.77 .S7312017
151Ashish, Bhat nagarPC Upgrading Maintainance and trouble shooting GuideQA76.3 .B4322016
152Dr. Sanjay SharmaDigital Signal ProcessingTK5102.5 .S2622016
153Dr. K. M. SoniCircuits and SystemsTK7867 .S6622016
154Dr. Rajesh DhimanMicrowave & Rader EngineeringTK7876 .R3522016
155Dr. Sanjay SharmaDigital CommunicationsTK5103.7 .S2622016
156Dr. Sanjay SharmaData Communication and Computer NetworksTK5105.5 .S2622016
157J. B. GuptaElectronic Devices and CircuitesTK7871.85 .G8722016
158S. Hasan SaeedAutomatic Control SystemsTJ213 .S3322016
159Dihesh MaidasaniLearning Computer Fundamentals, MS Office and Internet & Web TechnologyQA76.6 .M3522016
160Dr. Sanjay SharmaCommunication System Analog & Digital)TK7871.85 .G8722016
161Bill SchmarzoBig Data MBAHD38.7 .S34922016
162Galitshmueli and Peter C. BruceData Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications with XLMinerHF5548.2 .S4484322016
163Ilya Ganelin & Kai SasakiSpark big data: A cluster computing in productionPK2578.2.L5922016
164Andrew Butterfield and Gerard Ekembe NgondiA Dictionary of Computer Science (Oxford Quick Reference)QA76.15 .D525822016
165Nick Boston SuperintelligenceQ335 .B6722016
166Ying TanGPU-based paravel Implmentation of Swarm Intelligence AlgorithmsQ 337 .T3822016
167Sommervive, LanSoftware EngineeringQA 76.6 .S8612016
168Deitel, PaulCtt how to ProgrammQA 76.7 .D4512016
169Brookshear, GlennComputer Science: An OverviewQA 76 .B7612016
170Hoffer, JeffreyModern Database ManagemntQA 76.9 .M6312016
171Williams.B.KUsing information technology: A practical introduction to computers & communicationQA76.5  .W5333222015
172P. S. GillLearning AutocadT385 .G5522015
173Adesh K. PandeyFundamentals of Computer DesignQA76.6 .P3622015
174Prof. C. S. Murlidhara SharmaSemiconductor Devices and CircuitsTK7871.85 .S4322015
175Dr. Anand K. TripathiComputer System and programming in CQA76.65 .T7522015
176Dr. Mukesh PhunnaInformatin Technology in Business ManagementHF5548.32 .D4822015
177John Raasch, Graham MurrayJava Script and Jquery for data Analysis and VisualizationQA76.73 .J3922015
178Martin FordRise of Roborts: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless FutureHD6331.F5822015
179Nelson L. S. da Fonseca; RaoufBout abaCloud Services, Networking and ManagementQA76.585 .F6622015
180Kent D. LeeData Structure and Algorithms with PythonQA 76.9D3 .L4422015
181Darren R. HayesA Practical Guide to Computer Forensics InvestigationQA 76.9 .H3922015
182Goyle Leakann Mc DowellCracking the cloding InterviewQA 402.5 .M3422015
183Charu C. AggarwalData MiningQA 76.9D3 .A4422015
184Pankaj SharmaQuestion Bank in Computer ScienceQA76 .C622014
185K. K. AggarwalSoftware EngineeringQA76.6 .A4422014
186James P. MartinCloud Computing and electronics discoveryKF390.5 .C6M36522014
187KALE, VivekGuide to Cloud Computing for Business and Technology ManagersQA76.585 .K3532014
188Jesse SchellThe Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, Second EditionQA76.76 .C67222014
189Michael J. KarvisArchtecting the cloudHD30.2 .M22014
190Fehling, C., Leymann, F., Retter R., Schupeck W., Arbitter, P.Cloud Computing Patterns: Fundamentals to Design, Build, and Manage Cloud ApplicationsQA76.585.R4822014
191Lan LloydInformation Technology LawKP667 .C65 I 3612014
192Wendy L. BowcherSystemic PhonologyPG 6131 .S9712014
193Fehling ChristophCloud Computing Patterns FundQA 76.585 .F4422014
194Martin WieczorekSystem and Software QualityQA 76.75 .W5422014
195Matin P. RobillandRecommendation System in Software EngineeringQA 76.6 .R6312014
196Mitra .M.Satellite CommunicationTK5104.M5822012
197Mishra. K.L.PTheory of computer Science * Automata *Languages & Computer Graphics Multimedia and Animation  QA76.M5722012
198Palanivelu. T.GWireless and Mobile Communication QA75.S7222012
199Gupta .S.CText book on optical fiber communication and its Application TK5103.59.G8722012
200Prabhu C.S.RData Warehousing: Concepts Techniques products and applications QA76.9.D37.P7322012
201Joel SklarWeb Design PrincipleTK5105.8.S5632012
202M. K. Jain, Sek Iyengar R K. JainNumerical Methods and Scientific and engineering ComputationQA297.J3532012
203B. M. HarwaniIntroduction to Python Programming and developing GUI Applications with PyxtQA76.73.H3832012
204Adelchi Azzalini and Bruno ScarpaData Analysis and Data MiningQA76.9.D34312012
205Udit AgrawalData Structures Using CQA 76.73 .U47 22012
206Tara Fenwick & Richard EdwardResearching education through actor network theoryLB1028 .R38412012
207Mohoes Ann Mclver and flyer Ida MUnderstanding operating systemQA76.77.F5912011
208Slberschatz Abraham. Karth Henry F and sudarshan SDatabases system conceptsQA76.9.03     .S5512011
209Rao. B.KEmbedded SystemsTK7896.E4222011
210Gopalan N.P.Wed Technology: A Developer’sTK5105.88813.G6722011
211Ince DarrelThe Computer: a very short introduction  QA76.5.75322011
212Witten Lan H. {et…al} Data Mining: Practical Machine learning tools and techniques.  3rd Ed.QA76.9 .D343 W5812011
213Parsons June Jamrich & Oja DanNew Perspectives: comprehensive Computer concepts QA76.5 .P3712011
214Gilat AmosMATLAB: An Introduction with Applications. 4th Ed.QA 297 .G55 12011
215Deitel Paul & Deitel Harvey Visual CH 2010: How to Program. 4th Ed.QA76.73 .D4512011
216Shelly Gary B. & Vermaat M. E.Discovering Computers fundamentals: Living in a Digital World QA 76.5 .S5412011
217Rajesh K. MauryaComputer GraphicsT385.M3832011
218Stephen D. BurdSystems ArchitectiveQA76.9.S7432011
219D Roy ChoudhuryNetworks and SystemsTK454.C6432011
220James A. O. Brien and George M. MakasManagement Information SystemsT56.6.D2612011
221Khandare S.SDatabase Management or oracle programmingQA76.9.03 .K4312010
222Paramesatra. R.Computer Application in businessQA76.P3722010
223Khandare S.SProgramming in JavaQA76.7.K4322010
224Pandey .U.SE-commerce and mobile commerce TechnologiesT385.M3822010
225Pressman rager SSoftware engineering: a practitioner approachQA76.75 .P7512010
226Otey micheal Microsoft SQL server 2008: high availability with clustering and databases mirroringQA76.9.D3 O8412010
227Gruman GalenIn design CS5 for dummiesZ253.532. G7812010
228Silberschatz Abraham {et…al}Operating System Concepts. 8th Ed.QA 76.73 .J38 S54512010
229Brannan James A.Objective-C for  I phone Developers: A Beginner’s guideQA76.76 .O11512010
230Pressman Roger S.Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach 7th EdQA 76.758 .P75 12010
231Hartmann Cay S.Java Concepts. 6th Ed.QA76.73 .H67 12010
232Shelly Gary B. & Rosenblatt H. J.Systems Analysis and Design. 8th Ed.QA402  .S54 12010