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1Azikwe, Uche  etalWhiter Nigeria Education? Sociologists’ Random ThoughtsLC189.9.W4522021
2Michael, OmolewaComparative and International Education: A Study of selected national systemsLB43.C6622021
3Magill, Richard, & Anderson DavidMotor Learning and Control, Concepts and Applications. 12th ed.BF295.M5322021
4Mary Okenwa-Ojo, & Christopher O. OmoregieSome Philosophies of About EducationLC5215.O5432020
5RAO, V.KPrinciple of Curriculum LB1628.R36 2019
6SINGH, PAL. SInternationalizaton of Higher EducationLB2325.S54 2019
7Hassan, A. SoliuTopical Issues on Research MethodologyQ180.55.S2522019
8Aromolara, E. A.Fundamentals of TeachingLB1025.3.A7632019
9Selvam, Panner S.K.Paradigm Shift in educationLB2153.p3612019
10Mariyammal, A.Objectives of Learning EnvironmentLB1044.87.M3712019
11Dahama, O. P.Educational and Communication for development. 2nd ed.HN690.Z9.D3412019
13Avwokeni, J. ArthurPractical Research Methods…Q180.55.A9522019
14Ivowi U. M. O.Access, Quality and Relivance in Nigeria EducationLB1050.A33 2018
15Omomia Austin, Omomia TaiwoResearch Designs and MethodsQ180.55.A9522018
16Mbajiogu, Ngozika MarianHandbook of Science EducationLB1585.5.N4612017
18Mbajiorgu, Mariam NgoziHandbook of Science EducationLB1885.5.N4612017
19GRACY, A.Education: Invention of MankindLB2831.58.G7312016
20OKEBUKOLA, Peter APerils and promises of private university education in nigeriaLB2328.5212015
21Visvanatha, G.Challenges and Innovation in EducationLB1.27.V5712015
22SINGH, PAL. SGlobalization and Educational InnovationsLB1027.P3512015
23Visvanathan, G.New Context for LearningLB41.5.V5712015
24Salvam, Pamer S. K.Paradigm Shift in educationLB2153.p3612015
25Akinpelu, J.A.Essays in Philosophy and EducationLB638.A5512015
27Nwankwo, L. JohnHandbook on Research in Education and Social SciencesLB1028.N9312015
28Gracy, A.Education Invention of MankindLB2831.58.G7312014
29Selem, Pannere S. K.Teaching Learning ParadigmsLB2153.T4312014
30Okojie, Julius The National Universities and University Education: Perspectives on the Development of a System 12014
31Shaikh, JavedEducational SociologyLC191.S5212014
32Onuka, V.O.A.Analysing of Educational IssuesLB14.7.O2312014
33Obanya, PaiEducationeeringLB14.7.O2312014
34OLUMIDE, M OgunyemiProblems and challengies facing higher educationLB2170.O48 2013
35AIMOLA, B.FCitizenship education for national orientationLB14.7.A5622013
36KOLAWOLE, C.OCurriculum design implementation & innovationLB2361.K65 2013
37Ojedele, K.P.Challenges of Educational Development in NigeriaLB2822.75.N5.O3212013
38Chaube, B.S.A Textbook of Education & Vocational Guidance LB1043.C4312013
39OJEDELE, P.KIssues and concern in higher education in nigeriaLA1631.O8812012
40POPOOLA, TayoSpecialised reporting: a global trend in media trainingLB1024.P6412012
41OYELEKE, BanjiTo who much is givenLB14.7.O9412012
42BORICH, GayEffective teaching methods    (7th)ed.LB1140.3.B6712011
43SANTROCK, W John. Child development   (13th)ed.LB1051.M3612011
44LANGAN, JohnCollege writing skills with readings   (8th)ed.LB1631.L36 2011
45JENNIE, RayEffective teaching methods    (7th)ed.LB1140.3.B67 2011
46MADUEKE N AnthoniaResearch procedure in educationLB1028.M33 2011
47RATHER, A.REssentials of instructional technologyLB1028.R8 2011
48GEOFFREY, Elliot Educational and social changeLB14.7J35 2011
49NWANKWO, I JohnHandbook on Research on Education and Social ChangeLB1028.M33 2011
50JAISWAL, M.PComparative EducationLB14.7.J35 2011
51Fenwick, Tara Education Through Actor-Network TheoryLB1135.P3712011
52Papalia, E. DianeA Child’s World: Infancy Through AdolescenceLB1135.P3712011
53Dibu OjerindeContemporary Educational Issues in NigeriaLB14.7.O5412011
54Agunbiade, J.B. Education for Today and TomorrowLB14.7.A4912011
55Dibu OjerindePublic Examinations in NigeriaLB3058.O5412011
56Green, AndrewBecoming a Reflector English TeacherLB1576.B4312011
57COWLEY, SueGetting the buggers to behave  4th)ed.LB3013.C6922010
58OKOJIE, Julius50 Years of university education in nigeriaLB2372.E.05652010
59ARULSAMY, SApplication of ict in educationLB1576.7 2010
60ARORA, NeetaEducational philosophyLB14.7.A16 2010
61HARDER, OrlichTeaching strategies: a guide to effective instructionLB1025.3 2010
62LAURENCE, C. JamesHigher Education and DevelopmentLB2361.L3912010
63Seivam, Panner S.K.Education SystemLB14.7.P3612010
64Penny, Timler Doctoral Examination Process: A Handbook for Examiners and Supervisor LB2367.T5612010
65Ikonta, Rose NonyeCurrents Trends in Curriculum and Instruction in English Language: A Text for Colleges and Universities LB1576.I5612010
66Nunn, PercyPrinciples of EducationLB1028.R812010
67Muraina Mansuru BabatundeA Guide on Policy Making and Educational Policy AnalysisLB1140.3.B6712010
68Aggarwal, J.C.Theory and Principles of EducationLB880.A4412010
69Arora, NeetaEducational PhilosophyLB14.7.A7612010
70VENKATESWARAN, S.Principles of educationLB147.V6712009
73CHAUBE, P.SFoundation of education (2nd)ed.LB675.C4312009
75NELCON, ShobanaIssues of information communication technology in educationLB1028.N3512009
76Tiwary, Shaker ShivPhilosophical and Sociological Foundation of EducationLB2371.P6912009
77Chaudhari, S. UmranHigher Education: Today and TomorrowLB2361.C5312009
79Molagun, H.M. Guide to Sociology of EducationLC189.M6512009
80Obanya, PaiDreaming Living and Doing EducationLA1501.O2312009
82THOMAS MATHEWEffective Teaching … (A measure of excellence)LB11025.3 2008
86NANDA, JayashreeEducation for allLB147.N36 2008
87Ivowi U. M. O.Access, Quality and Relivance in Nigeria EducationLB1050.A3312008
88Ampriya ChadhaSpecial Education: Helping Children with Attention ProblemsLC3965.C4312008
89Venkataiah, V. in Value Education LB1028.V4612008
90Rao, K.V.Alternative EducationLC46.3.R3612008
91Garnery, PhilipSpecial Education Needs: The Way ConceptsLC4706.G3712008
92Rao, K.V.Sport EducationGV361.R3612008
93Okegbile, A.S. and Development in Northern NigeriaLA163.F2412008
94POWELL, StuartThe doctorate worldwideLB2371.P69 2007
96NWAZUOKE, I AEducation for social transformationLB147.N54 2007
97OBAYA, PaiAfrican education in the EFA decadeLA1501.02322007
98Powell, Stuart Doctorate WorldwideLB2371.P6912007
99Ojuedere, M.B.Tips on Knowledge Acquisitions and Confidence BuildingLB3060.57.O5912007
100Moore, Sangh at College and University: Effective Strategies and their PrinciplesLB2838.M6612007
101Ayodeji, O. IlesanmiPlanning and Evaluation TechniquesLC71.2.A9612007
102SIDHU, S KulbirMethodology of research in educationLB1028.S6822006
103HINTON, AllisonEncyclopaedia of classroom environmentLB15.E54 2006
104ANTHONY, AliConducting Research in Education and the Social ScienceLB1028.A4412006
105Haigh, AlanThe Art of TeachingB1025.3.H3512006
106Bhatia, K. K.Principle and practice of EducationLB14.7.B5312006
107Haigh, AlanThe Art of Teaching: Big Ideas, Simple RulesLB1025.3.H3512006
108Briggs Nimi D.Turning the TideLB2322.2.B6512006
109Banjo, Ayo L.Developmental English for Higher InstitutionsLB2395.3.B3612006
110Briggs, D. NimiThoughts on University Education in NigeriaLA1633.T4612006
111Molagun, M.H.Introduction to Philosophy of EducationLB1025.2.M6512006
112Kayode, BanjiComparative Education for Teacher Education Programmes in NigeriaLB43.K3912006
113Ali, TimothyConducting Research in Education and the Social SciencesLB1028.A4512006
114Salihi, HarunaThe Relevance of Education in a Society LC911.N6.S2512006
115Bhatia, K.K.Principles and Practice of EducationLB14.7.B5312006
116Assie-Lumumba, T. N’driHigher Education in AfricaLC2781.L8612006
117RAMET, AdeleCreative writingLB1631.R3822005
118BLANCHER, NickEffective training system strategies and practiceLB177.5.B53 2005
119Emerson, LisaWriting Guidelines for Social Science StudentsLB1715.W7512005
120Folorunsho, A.M.Nasred Religion and Child DevelopmentLC331.R4512005
121Green, Howard Study in Contemporary Higher EducationLB2371.4.G7412005
122Akinsanya, O. PatrickPhilosophising About EducationLB638.A5512005
123Obidi, S.S.Culture and Education in Nigeria: An Historic AnalysisLA1631.O2512005
124Sasari, Abdulhadi Muhammed AbbatElementary Social Studies CourseLB584.S3212005
125Eley, R. A.Efective Postgraduate SupervisionLB2371.E4412005
126AGGARWAL, JCTeacher and education in developing societyLB1025.A4422004
127Raghuran, K.R.Educational DevelopmentLB14.7.R312004
128Ahmed, Issa Cails: The Journey So FarLA1633.K3912004
129Bidmos, A.M.Islamic Education in Nigeria: Its Philosophy and Research MethodsLC911.B5312003
130Haesi, A. TimothyChildren as Pawn: The Politics of EducationLC89.H2112003
131Chaube, B.S.School OrganizationLB2901.C4312003
132CHOUDHURRY.Pre school children development care and educationLB115.C46 2002
133Chaube, S. P.Foundations of Education. 2nd ed.LB1581.C4312002
134Bruner, S. JeronaeThe Process of EducationL13.A2.B7812002
136Ehrenberg, G. RonaldTuition Rising: Why College Cost so MuchLB2342.E4212001
137Tyack, B. DavidThe One Best System: A History of American Urban EducationLA198.T9312001
138LAMBERT, LindaBuilding leadership capacity in schoolLB2805.L26 2000
140ONABANJO, OlufemiPrinciples of educational broadcasting2000LB1044.O53 2000
141Linn, L. RobertMeasurement and Assessment in TeachingLB2825.75.I5612000
142Umar, A. BaffaChild Immunization Muslim Reactions in Northern Nigeria.LA1631.U4312000
143AnnonymousSchool business managementLB2823.5.S37 1999
144Bell, JudithDoing your Research ProjectLA132.C4311999
145HERMAN, L, JoanPractical guide to alternative assesmentLB3051.H45 1998
146Chaube, S.P.Comparative Education LA132.C4311998
148Kaul, LokeshMethodology of Educational ResearchLB1028.K6811997
149Ajala, O. VictoriaScholarly Writing Guide for ResearchersL5225.A3111996
150Wideen, F. Marvin Times in Teacher EducationLB1707.C4511995
151Jimoh, A.S.Research Methodology in Education: An Interdisciplinary ApproachLB1028.J5621995
152Siddiqui, Mujibul HassanWomen Education: A Research ApproachLC2481.S5811993
153Reynolds, DavidSchool Effectiveness: Research, Policy and PracticeLB140.3.P3511992
154Akinyemi, AdekunleBook of Readings in Educational Theory and PracticeLA132.C4311992
156TANEJA, V.REducational thought and practice LB675.T36 1990
157Paley, G.VThe Boy who would be a helicopter: The Uses of Storytelling in the ClassroomLB140.3.P3511990
158Taneja, V.R.Educational Thought and PracticeLB675.T.T3611990
159Akinpelu, J.A. and Adult EducationLC5258.L3611988
160Watson, GeorgeWriting a Theses: A Guide to Long Essay and DissertationLB2369.W3411987
162Stones, EdgerSupervision in Teacher Education: A Counselling and Pedagogical ApproachLB115.C4611984
163Ibanga, JoeGuide on Test & Measurement for Teachers and StudentsLB1581.C4311981
164Machado, M. JearnneEarly Childhood Experiences in Language ArtsLB139.L3.M3311980
165Ukeje, B.O.Foundations of EducationB1025.3.H3511979
166White, G.E.Happiness in EducationLB14.7.B5311977
167Adaralegbe, AdenijiA Philosophy for Nigeria Education LB1025.3.H3511972
168KOCHHAR, S.KSecondary school administrationLB2803.2.1.K63 1970
169Kahans, HarvardLogic and PhilosophyLB139.L3.M3311969
170PETER, R.SInternational Library of the Philosophy of EducationLB880.P47 1967
171Peters, S.R.International Library of the Philosophy of EducationLB147.N5411967
172Leepe, R. RobertRole of Supervisor and Curriculum Direction in  Climate ChangeLA1501.02311965
173Eye, G. GlenSupervision of Instructor: A Place of Administration LB2371.P6911965
174Ali, AnthonyConducting Research in Education and the Social ScienceLB3060.57.O5911956
175Santrock, JohnChild development   (13th)ed.LB675.T.T3611952
176Joseph, C. Umeh, etalProduction Economics: Some Analytical PerspectiveBH171.U6442021
177Greene W.H. Econometric Analysis. 8th ed.HB71.G7412020
178Emmanuel Chikezie IjiomaThemes in Economic History of Nigeria, The pre-colonial and the contemporary periodHB171.I5512019
179Robert S. Pindyck & Daniel L. RubinfeldMicroeconomic HB172.P56 2018
180John, Sloman, etalEconomics. 9th ed.HB171.5S6622018
181Fossum John Labor Relations: Development, Structure, Process HD8072.F6722015
182Frank Robert H. Microeconomics and Behaviour HB172.F7322015
183Hilmer C.E. & Hilmer M.J. Practical Economics: Data Collection, Analysis, and Application HB139.H5522014
184Appleyard D.R. & Field A.J. International Economics HF139.A7722014
185Schiller Badley R. (et…al)The Economy Today 13th Ed. HB171.5.S3512013
186Chiang A. & Wainwring K. Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics 4th Ed. HB135.C4512013
187McConnell, Campbell (et…al) Contemporary Labor Economics HD4901.M612013
188Hooley, Bert Basics of International Economics HF1411.H6632013
189Athill. Diana A textbook of Mathematical Economics HB135.A8432013
190Allan, Evan Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics  HD1433.A5532013
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212Baye Michael R. (et…al) Managerial Economics and Business Strategy HD30.22.B3822013
213Schiller Bradley R. (et…a) The Macro Economy Today HB172.5.S342522013
214Budd John. W. Labor Relations: Striking a Balance HD8066.B8322013
215Field B.C. & Field Martha K.Environmental Economics: An Introduction HC79.E5.F4722013
216Jayaram R. & Kotwani N.R. Industrial Economics and Telecommunication Regulations  HD2326.J3922013
217McConnell Campbell R. (et…a)Microeconomics: Principles, Problems and Policies 9th ed.  HB172 .M3312012
218McDowell, Moore (ed.)Principles of Economics HB171.5 .P7512012
219Sullian Arthur O. Urban Economics HT321.S8512012
220Ahuja J.L. Principles of Microeconomics HB172 .A4922012
221Bello I.B. Imam Deregulation of the Downstream Sector of the Oil Industry in Nigeria HD9577.N5D4722012
222Robert Frank (et…al) Principles of Economics  HB171.5 .C3712012
223Choudhary Kunal Entrepreneurial Management  HB615 .C4632012
224Sharma Sudhir Business Economics HD30.22 /S5232012
225Acemoglu D. & Robinsin J.A. Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity & Poverty HB.74 .P65A3422012
226Deakins D. & Freel Mark Entrepreneurship and Small Firms  HB615 .D4322012
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228Prasad Suresh Research Methodology in Economics HB131.P7322011
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233Ahuja H.L. Advanced Economics Theory HB172 .A4912011
234Ahuja H.L. Modern Macroeconomics: Theory and Application HB172.5 .A4912011
235Ahuja H.L.Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy based Memory on UGE Model Curriculum for MBA HB172.5 .A4912011
236Nerndan H. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship HB615 .N3612011
237Thomas C.R. & Maurice S.C.  Managerial Economics: Foundations of Business analysis & Strategy 10th ed. HD30.22 .M3912011
238Begg David (et…al)Economics HB171.6 .E3612011
239Dobnbusch, Rudiger (et…al) Macroeconomics 11th (ed.) HB172.5.D6212011
240Salvatore D. & Diluio E. Schaum’s Outline Principles of Economics HB171.5 .S2512010
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242Varian Hal R. Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach 8th ed.  HB172 .U3722010
243Moomaw Ronald L. (et…al) Economics: Contemporary Issues 8th ed. HC115.M6612010
244Sqrensen P.B & Whitta-Jacobsen Introduction Advanced Macroeconomics: Growth and Business Cycles HB172.5 .S6712010
245Cavery .R.Managerial Economics HD30.22 .M3612010
246Besanko, David (ed.)Economics of Strategy HD30.28.B457512010
247Ishola, K.A. Microeconomics  HB172 .I7912010
248Clunies Ross Anthony ( Economics HG77 .CC5812009
249Borjas George J.  Labor Economics 4th (ed.) HD 4901 .B67412009
250Jhingan M.L. Macro Economics Theory HB172.5.J4512009
251Paul A. Samuelson ( Economics HB183.P3812009
252Deakin, David and M.F. Entrepreneurship and Small Firms HB615 .D4312009
253Kurotko F. Donald Introduction to Entrepreneurship  HB 615 .K8712009
254Lokanathan V. A History of Economics Thought HB75.L6512009
255Chauhan S.P.SMicroeconomics an Advanced Treatise HB172 .C4312009
256Gurajarati D.N. & Porter D.C Basic Economics 5th Ed. HB71 .G8522009
257Clunies –Ross Anthony (et…al)Development Economic 1st Ed. HC59.7 .C5812009
258Parkin Michael ( Economics 7th Ed. HB183.P3712008
259Ahuja H.L Managerial Economics: Analysis of Managerial Decision  Making based on UGN Model Curriculum for MBA HD30.22.A4812007
260Warnington D.A. Microeconomics HB172.W3712007
261Unio J.U. Economics: An African Perspective HB172.5 .U5612007
262Nweke, Osiya C. ECOWAS the Decades of Enduring Legacies in the West African Sub-Region: HB75 .N9312007
263Dandrago, K.L. Beyond Slogans: How State Hold the Ace for Nigerian’s HF1359.K7812007
264Umo, Joe U. Economics: An African Perspectives HB172.5 .U5612007
265Nwaobi G.C. Modern (econometric) Modeling for Developing Economics IIHB141 .N9222006
266Rauch J.E. ( Leading Issues in Economic Development HD82.L327312006
267Salvatore, Dominik International Economics HF1379.S3512006
268The Nig. Economics Society Costs & Benefits of Economic Reforms in Nigeria HF1411 .L53612006
269Krugman, P.R. Maurice International Economics: Theory & Policy HF1379.K7812006
270Raunch J.E. (et…al) Leading Issues in Economics Development HD82.L327312006
271Obstfeld M. (et…al) International Economics: Theory & PolicyHB74.5 .K7822006
272Adegboye S.O. (et…al) Essentials of Agricultural Economics HD1433.A3412006
273Olayide S.O. (et…al) Introduction to Agric Production Economics HB171.5. O5312006
274Bhatia HL History of Economic Thought HB75.B4312006
275Froyed R. Macroeconomics Theories and Polices HB172.5 .F7612006
276Adeola Adenikinju & Olarewaju Olaniyan Applied Macroeconomics & Economics Development: Essay in Honour of Prof. HB71.A3312006
277Abel A.B. (et…al)Macroeconomics HB172.5.A2412005
278Dewtt. K.K. Modern Economics Theory HB171.5 .D4912005
279Keshari Mothanthy Sangram Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship HB615 .M6422005
280Laray D. ( Vision & Policy in Nigeria Economics LB2803.2.1.K6312005
281Divivedi D.N. Managerial Economics HD30.22.D5812005
282Dioredi D.H. Microeconomics Theory & Application HB71 .O9422005
283Maheshwari Y. Managerial Economics HD30.22.M3412005
284Pass C. ( Dico of Economics HB172.5 .U5612005
285Ogun O. (et…al)Economic Policy & Analysis HC1055.E27722005
286Froyen, Ricard T. Macroeconomics: Theories & Policies HB172.5.F7612005
287Cutanic, Jaksa & Fernando Business EconomicsHD30.22.C8812005
288Jhingan, M.L. The Economics of Development Planning HC59.7 .J4312005
289Oluremi, Ogun (et…al)Economic Policy & Analysis HD87.55.O4912005
290Mcconnel, C.R.  & Stanley Economics: Principles, Problems & PoliciesHB 172.5 .M4712005
291Meier, Gerald M. & James Leading Issue in Economics HD82.L327312005
292Schiller, Brandley R. Essential of Economics HB71.S3412005
293James I. Guyer & Deuzer Vision & Policy in Nigeria Economics: The Legacy of Pious Okigbo LB140.3.P3512005
294Raw Material Research & Development Council Proceeding of Techno-Exporen: Promoting Market –Driven & For Sustainable Industrial Development HB615 .N3612005
295Oyeniyi, T.A. Microeconomics: Theory and Application HB172.5. O9412005
296Oleka, D.C & Okor Microeconomics for Finance StudiesHB71 .O4412005
297Wilkinson N. Managerial Economics HD30.22.W5522005
298Dwivedi, D.N. Managerial Economics HD30.22.D9512005
299Lipsey & Chystal Economics HB71 .L5712004
300Nwaobi G.C Programming (Solutions) for Economics & Business LB675.T3612004
301Altekar Rahul Entrepreneurship Resource Planning Theory and Practice HC1055. O94712004
302Grawelle H. ( Microeconomic HB172.G7312004
303Olusemore G.A. Lending: Principles & Practice HG2066. O5812004
304Jhingan, M.L. & Stephen Managerial Economics HD30.22.J4512004
305Taylor, David A. Supply Chain: A Manages Guide HD39.5.T3912004
306Barro, R.J. & Xavier Sala Economic Growth HB74.5 .B3712004
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308The Nigerian Economic Society Globalization & Africa’s Economic Development HF1352.32.G57212004
309Arnould, E. ( HF1352.32.A7612004
310Lipsy, Richard G. & Chrysal Economics HB183.L5712004
311Salvatore, Dominik Schaum’s Outline of Theory & Problems of Microeconomic Theory HB172.S3512004
312Schiller, Brandley R. The Microeconomics Today HB172.S3412004
313Peter, I. (et…al) ed. Human Resources Development in Africa: Selected Paper from the 2002 Annual Conference of Nigerian Economic Society HD5839.7.P4812004
314Oyemakinde, Wale Essays in Economic History HC79.15 .O9412003
315Oyemakinde Prof. W. Essays in Economic HistoryHC1055. O94712003
316Salvatore Domnick Principles of Economics: Scheme’s Easy Outlines HB 171.5 .S2512003
317Stock J.H. ( Introduction to Economic HB71 .S8612003
318Heyne P. (et…al) The Economics Way of Thinking HB71 .H4912003
319Greene W.H. Econometric Analysis  HB71 .G7422003
320Krugman P.R ( Economic Theory a Policy HB74.5 .K7822003
321Todaro M.P. ( Economics Development HB74.5 .T6322003
322Gujarah, Damodar N. Basic Econometric HB71 .G8512003
323Gujarati D.N. Basic EconometricHB171.5 .D4912003
324Muhammad A.H. Quantitative Methods for Business Economics H61 .M6822003
325Jhingan M.L.Advance Economics Theory HB71.A3312003
326Jhingan M.L.Microeconomics Theory HB172.5.A2412003
327Dwivedi, D.N. Microeconomics: Theory of Application HB172 .D9512003
328Norgberg, Johan In Defense of: Global Capitalism HB 201 .N6712003
329Dougherty, C. Introduction to Econometrics HB71.D5812002
330Maurice, S.C. & Christopher Managerial Economics HD30.22.M3922002
331Lcey, Terry Quantitative TechniquesHF1017.L8312002
332Case K.E. (et…al) Principles of Economics HB74.5 .C3312002
333Manrice S.C. ( Economics HB615 .M6412002
334Alimi A. Strategies for Rapid Economic Development in Nigeria LB2803.2.1.K6312002
335Nellis J.G ( Essence of the Economy HB171.5 .N42212002
336Gup69 S.B.Monetary Economics Theory & Policy HB172.5 .U5612002
337Quyeozui F. Alternative P.O. for Managing the (N/Q)H97.05912002
338Staurt Lowe & David Hughes (ed.)The Private Rented Sector in a New Century HB183.L5712002
339Onyeoziri, Fred Alternative Policy Options for Managing the National Question in Nigeria HB172.S3512002
340Salvatore, D.  Statistical & Economics HB172.S3412002
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