Library and Information Science List of Books

1Abdulsalam Abiodun S. Management of Library and Information Centres in the Era of Global InsecurityZ678.M3612020
2Satyaprakash Singh Reading in Library ScienceZ1007.S56512019
3ASHI, MalviyaDevelopment of Collection in the LibrariesZ688.A2.M35 2019
4SHRIVASTAVA, PrakashLibrary Software PackagesZ678.93.256.S57 2019
5K. P. Singh et.alLibrary Collection Development and Acquisition systemZ689.S5612019
6Adiya RajputLibrary Administration and Staff TrainingZ678.R5512019
7Panneer Selvam S. K.Paradigm Shift in EducationLB2153.P3612019
8KUMAR, SonuPractical CataloguingZ695.85.K58 2019
9RAM, MangeLibrary and Information Science ResearchZ669.7.R36 2019
10IGWE, N. KingsleyThemes and Trends Information ScienceZ665.I44 2019
11Thamskodi, sLiteracy Skill Development for Library Science ProfessionalsZA4065.T5212019
12LOHIA, SaurabhAutomated LibrariesZ678.9.L64 2018
13Karampelas, ParagioticsSurvellannce in Action: Technologies for civilian, military and cyber survellanceZ678.9.K2712018
14Horvath, JoanMastering 3D Printing in the Classroom, Library and Lab.TK7885.H6712018
15LAI, BanwariCurrent Tools and Techniques in Library ScienceZ710.L35 2018
16Ashok PurohitLibrary Budget and Financial SchdulingZ683.P8712018
17Adeyinka Tella et.alEmotional Intelligence and Leadership in Nigeria Library and Information ScienceZ682.4.C6312018
18AASHI, MalviyaAcquisition Procedures Books and Non-book MaterialsZ689.a38 2017
19TIWARI, AjayIntroduction to Marketing of Library and Information ServicesZ716.3.T59 2017
20HARIT, DharmendraAbstracting Practice in LibrariesZ695.93.H37 2017
21SINGH, SatyaprakashLibrary Organization and Decision MakingZ678.S56 2017
22LAI, BanwariLibrary and Multimedia ResourcesZ688.N6.L35 2017
23RAM, SiyaLibrary Science Functions and PracticesZ670.R76 2017
24Geotrey, YeoArchieves principles and practicesZ950.G55 2017
25Laura A. MillarArchives Principles and Practices. 2nd ed.CD950.M5512017
26Richard, E rubinFoundations of library and Information scienceZ66.5 2016
27Singh, Jagtar et..alMedia and Information Literacy: Reinforcing Human Rights, Countering Radicalization and ExtremismZA3075.S5612016
28United Nation…..Bibliograghy of corruption in nigeriaZ7164.694 2016
29Nwadiub, I kingslyIssues and themes in publishingZ278.K77 2015
30Kumar, deepakLibrary OrganizationZ678.K86 2015
31IGWE, N. KingsleyFundamentals of Knowledge Management for the Knowledge EconomyZ665.I44 2015
32Deepak KumarLibrary administration and trainingZ678.K86 2015
33Kanwer pal SinghLibrar Database ManagementZ76.9 .S56 2014
34Godwin, EsimokhaNewspaper & MagazinesZ286.N48 2014
35Kanwer pal SinghLibrary database managementQA76.K9 2014
36Bemis, Micheal fLibrary and information science: A guide to key literature and sourcesZ666.B38 2014
37Staurt DavidWb Metrics for Library and Information ProfessionalsQA76.9.S6812014
38Stuart DavidWebmetrics for library and information professionalQA76.9 2014
39Dr Deepark TyagiSystem and Practices of Effective LibraryZ 674 .T96 2013
40Dr Deepark TyagiComputer Based Library Infom systemsZ 678.93 T93 2013
41Sam E. Ifidon & Elizabeth I. IfidonNew Directions in African Library SystemZ 687 .I 48 2013
42Manhender Singh SaharanAcquisition and Collection Development in Lib SciZ 687 .S25 2013
43Lambert, A. IhebuzorBook Publishing in Nigeria, Theories and IssuesZ468.N5 2013
44Patricia, Franks CRecords and information managementRA644.6 2013
45Philip HiderInformation resource description creating and managing metadataZZ666.P7 2013
46Deepak IyagiComputer Based Library Infom systemsZ678.93 2013
47Hernon, peterReflecting on the future of academic and public librariesZ675.R44 2013
46Hider, PhilipInformation Resouces Description: Creating and Managing  MetadataZ666.7.H5312013
49Mahender SinghLibrary CataloguingZ 693.A34 .S56 2012
50Niranjan SinghLibrary ClassificationZ 696 .S56 2012
51Paula Longley et..alGeographic information system and scienceG70.212 2012
52Lan Heywood et..alAn introduction to geographical information systemsG70.L212 2012
53Singh, NivanjanLibrary ClassificationZ696.S56 2012
54Richard, KaplanBuilding and managing E-book collectionsZ695.B85 2012
55Vanda BroughanEssential ClassificationZ694.V42 2012
56Robinson lynIntroduction to information scienceZ665.R63 2012
57Welsh, Anne et.alPractical Cataloguing: AACR, RDA, and MARC 21Z694.W4212012
58BULLOCK, AdrianBook ProductionZ267.B85 2012
59Kaplan, RichardBuilding and Managing E-book Collections: How-to-d0-it Manual for LibrariansZ692.B8512012
60Krishan KumsarRefrence Service (5th Ed.)Z 711.2 .K86 2011
61Oshiotse, Andrew O.Book Publishing in NigeriaZ468.N5 2011
62Richard, GuthriePublishing Principles & PracticeZ461.3 2011
63Agbo, AveoGuide to book writing and PublishingZ278.A73 2011
64Kumar, KrishanReference ServiceZ711.2 2011
65Bhattacharya Sarmistha D.Knowledge Management for Library and Information ScienceZ666.5.B4312011
66Galen, GrumanIn design C55 for dummiesZ253.532 2010
67Chowdhury, G.GIntroduction to modern information retrievalZA30.75.C47 2010
68Cornelius LanInformation Policies and StrategiesZ665.C7512010
69Panchghare V.KCrytography and information on securityZ103.A2 2009
70Aina L.OLibrary and information science text for AfricaZ665.2 2008
71Chaudbury, S.KModern library strategiesZ678.C82 2008
72Alison jane PResearch methods in informationZ669.7 2007
73Pickard, Alison JaneResearch Methods in Information. 2nd ed.Z669.7.P5312007
74Krishan KumarLibrary Administration & ManagementZ 678 .K86 2005
75Evarest Madu cInformation technology: uses and preservation of resources in libraries and information centresZ678.9 2005
76Madu C. EvarestInformation Technology: Uses and Preservation of Resources in Librarians and Information CentresZ678.9.M3312005
77Olu Olat LawaProfessional Edu for Librananship (Int’l Persptv)Z 668 .L39 2003
78Lawal olat oProfessional education for libranshipZ668.L39 2003
79L.O AinaResearch in Inform Sci (An Africa perspective)Z 688.A54 .R47 2002
80Aina L.OResearch in inform ScienceZ688.A54 2002
81Raw material research…..Bibliograghy of science and technologyZ7912.A2 2002
82Sherman, chrisThe invisible webZa4450.s54 2001
83Krishan KumarLibrary OrganizationZ 678 .K86 1996
84Alegbeleye BunmiDisaster control planning for libraries, archieves and electronic data proccessing centres in AfricaZ7164.3 1993
85Krishan KumarLibrary ManualZ 665 .K86 1991
86Krishan KumarTheory of ClassificationZ696.A4 .K86 1988
87Kumar, KrishanTheory of ClassificationZ696.A4 .K86 1988
88Girja Kamur and Krishan KamarTheory of CatalouguingZ 693 .13 .K86 1986
89Krishan KamarAn Introduction toCatalouguing PracticeZ 693.13 .K86  1986
90Krishna, Kumar,An introduction cataloguing practiceZ693.A34 1986
91Ravichandra I.KQuantitative methodsR669.8 1983
92IK Ravichandra RaoQuantitative Methods for Library and Infom SciZ 669.8 .R36 1983
93Laurence, DwightCrytography the science of secret writingZ1055.L42 1971
94Millar, A. LauraArchives Principles and Practices. 2nd ed.