History and International Relations list of Books

S/NAuthorTitleCall mark CopyYear
1Loyd Kramer L.A History of Europe in the Modern World 12th ed.D209.P2612020
2Ogundipe, S. A.A Handbook of History: the premier diocese of the church of Nigeria (anglican communion)DT515.22.O4822019
3Asante, Molefi KeteThe history of Africa: The Quest for External HarmonyDT15.A8322019
4Kevin ShillingtonHistory of Africa 4th editionDT20.S5512019
5Imbua, D. L.Slavery, Slave Trade and the African DiasporaDT16.5.I4222018
6Awodun, Murital et.al.The Unschooled Schooling Leaders: lessons on creativity, creative courage and creative capitalismCT2520.A8.A9622018
7Onyema, Oscar N.Heart in the MarketCT25.O5912018
8Attah, Victor ObongIt is Well With My SoulD51.A8822018
9Samuel JohnsonThe History of the YorubaDT513.J6522017
10Howarth Tony Twentieth century history: the world since 1900D31.H9612012
11Fadipe N. A. The Sociology of the YorubaDT513.F3312012
12Jackson J. SpielvogelWestern Civilization: A brief historyCB245.J3312011
13Charles udosenRainfall Analysis and Forecasting in Akwa Ibom StateDT315.C5312008
14Richey H. CrapoCultural Anthropology: Understanding Ourselves and othersDT515.8.R5312007
15Onigu Otite [et… al]Community Conflicts in Nigeria: Management, Resolution and TransformationBF636.O6512007
16Palmer R.R.A history of the Modern WorldD18.P3612007
17Abdullah Uba Adam Transglobal: Media Flows and African Popular culture: Revolution and Reaction in Muslim Hausa Popular Culture DT.515.8.A3412007
18Patrick A. AnwunahThe Nigeria – Biafra War (1967-1970) My memoirsD.515.P3812007
19Chidi Ikonne [et… al] [ed.]Nigeria – US Relations: the Challenges of International Understanding in the New MillenniumDT.631.C5512006
20Osasona cardelia O and Hylanu Anthony D.CColonial architecture in ile-ife, NigeriaDT515.O8312006
21Godwin Alaoma O. Memoirs of the Nigerian Biafran Bureaucrat DT321.G6412005
22A.A KolajoThe Story of my LifeD515.K6522005
23Simon OftenbergFarmer’s and town people in a changing Nigeria : Abakaliki during Colonial Time (1905-1960)CT621.S5612005
24George LafebvreThe French RevolutionBT216.G3612005
25George lafebvreThe French RevolutionDT14.G3812005
26Jacobs Heide Haye (et…al)World studies Africa: geography, history and culture  DT31.J3322005
27Yahya Oyewole ImamReligions Crises and Social Disruption in North-Eastern Nigeria.BT401.Y3512004
28Nnamdi Chukwujindi [et… al]Nnewi in History 1924-2004DT515.N6312004
29Clark Nancy E and Werger William HSouth African: the rise and fall of apartheidDT515.2.C5312004
30Joshua S. GolsteinInternational RelationsJZ1305.G3122003
31Ikechukwu IzuegbuUtagba- UNO: A Political History (AD. 1600-2000)CT2528.I5412003
32Marc FerroThe Use and Abuse of HistoryDT515.M3712003
33David B. Tyack The one Best System: A History of American Urban Education.DT515.D3912003
34David B. TyackThe one Best System: A History of American Urban Education. DT515.O3912003
35Obateru OluremiThe Yoruba city I history: 11th century and the presentD212.O3312003
36Hilda OgbeThe Grumps off the Wife’s TableDT612.H5512002
37Eghosa E. OsaghaeNigeria since Independence Crippled GiantDT515.E5412002
38Adeshina AfolayanNationalism and the Nation stateDT215.A3412002
39Joe IbekweTo live or to Die  PR214.J6412002
40Edward O. WilsonOn Human Nature PN621.E3912001
41Norman M. NaimarkFires of Hatred: Ethnic Cleansing in twentieth Century EuropeCT601.N6712001
42Babatunde Olaide .A.Badagry District (1863 -1999)DT20.B3312001
43Lipede A.A.Pan Africanism in Southern Africa (1900-1980) DT201.L1712001
44Lillian TragerYoruba hometowns: Community Identity and Development in NigeriaCB221.L5312001
45Pierre MeunierRabeh and the Scramble for the Chad Basin DT521.P5412000
46Isola OlomolaEkitiparapo Aspirations since 1890sCT216.I7612000
47Karl MaierThis House Has Fallen: Nigeria in CrisisDT515.M3522000
48James CliffordThe Predicament of Culture: Twentieth – Century Ethnography, literature and ArtBT185.J4611998
49John FarmanThe very Bloody history of BritainDT515.J6511997
50Ayo BanjoIn the Saddle: A Vice Chancellor’s StoryP215.A9611997
51Okoyo T. O.The City in South- Eastern NigeriaBF212.O5611996
52George Rawlinson [ed.]Herodotus HistoriesDT515.G4611996
53Kayode  EsoThe Mystery Gunman: History Politics. Power Play Justice DT512.K3911996
54Bello Imam I.B.An Ethnographic Survey of South Ibie Clan of Etsako west Local Government, Edo State NigeriaDS610.B4511995
55Andrew G. OnokerhorayeBenin: A Traditional African city in transitionDT515.2.A5411995
56Joseph C. Anene [et… al] Africa in the Nineteenth and Twentieth CenturiesDT426.J6721995
57Ugowew C.O.O.The Nigeria Legacy: A  Handbook of A Black African Culture and Civilization DT461.U5611995
58Jerome UdojiUnder three Masters: Memoirs of An African AdministratorCT412.J4711995
59Bassey W. Andah [et.. al] [ed,]Imprints of west Africa’s pastDT215.B3711993
60Allister Macmillan [ed.]The Red book of west AfricaDT515.A5511993
61Brandler J.L.Out of Nigeria: witness to a Grand’s ToilsDT621.B8311993
62Ekoko  A.E. [et… al] [Ed.]Perspectives in History: Essays in Honor of Professor Obaro IkimeDT515.45.E4611992
63Barkindo, B.Africa and the Wider World 2DT426.B3711992
64Consuelo RodringuezCesar ChavezDT521.C6611991
65Jaja S.O.Opobo since 1870: A Documentary Record with An IntroductionBT612.J3511991
66Falola T (et…al)History of Nigeria 2: Nigeria in the nineteenth centuryDT515.N54.F3521991
67Falola T (et…al)History of Nigeria 3: Nigeria in the twentieth centuryDT515.N54.F3521991
68Falola T (et…al)History of Nigeria 1: Nigeria before 1800AD  11991
69Falola T.History of Nigeria 1: Nigeria before 1800AD DT515.22.F3511989
70Henry KissingerThe Clash of Civilization and the Remaking of World order CT261.H4711988
71Howard Chua-EoanCorazon Aquino 11988
72Roger Chartier [ed.]A History of Private Life: Passions of the Renaissance DT515.R6511987
73Howarth TonyTwentieth century history: the world since 1900DT515.2.H6911987
74University of Maiduguri Annals of BornoDT5123.U5611986
75Ilevbare J.A.Carthage, Rome and the BerbersDT643.I5411986
76Mary Elizabeth M. [et…al]Workbook to Accompany: Essential competencies for Patient careDT621.M3711985
77Anthony Lentin [et… al] [ed.] The History of the Decline and Fall the Roman Empire.DT515.2.A5811984
78Patrick F. WilmotApartheid and African LiberationD515.P3811983
79Joseph Kenny The catholic Church in Tropical African 1445-1850DT515.2.J6711983
80Atanda J. A.An Introduction to Yoruba HistoryDT515.A7321980
81John iliffeA Modern History of TanganyikaDT515.J6511979
82Gingyera-Pinyana A.G.G.Apolo Milton Obote and His TimesD271.G5611978
83Brett E.A.Colonialism and underdevelopment in East Africa D515.B7411977
84Roberta Edward S.L.Introducing Cultural AnthropologyCT821.R6311972
85Clark W. H.Travel and Explorations in Yoruba (1854-1858)DT513.A8221972
86Ade Ajayi J.F.Yoruba Warfare in the 19th CenturyDT5123.A3411971
87Vernon Bagdanor [et… al] [ed.]The Age of Affluence 1951-1964DT216.U4711970
88Speeches of  IBBFor their tomorrow, We gave our todayDT621.I3311957