Educational Technology List of Books

1Surinder Pal SinghInternationalization of Higher EducationLB2325.S5412019
2Rao V. K.Principles of CurriculumLB1628.R3612019
3Dahama O. P.Education and Communication for DevelopmentHN690.Z9.D3412019
4Nikose R. L. Dr.Educational TechnologyLB1027.N512019
5Thomas H. ByersTechnology Ventures from Idea to enterpriseHC719.I55.T412019
6Cai, YiyuVR: Simulation and serious Games for EducationLB1029.V7712019
7Huang, RonghuaiEducational Technology: A Primier for the 21st CenturyLB1028.3.H3912019
8Rud, A.GContemporary Technologies in EducationLB1028.3.R6612019
9Mc Hugh, T. SeanUnderstanding PhotographyTR26.M3812019
10Persichitte, A KayEducational Technology to improve Quality and Access1028.P4112018
11Hall, TonyEducation, Narrative Technologies and Digital Learning: Designing storytelling for creativity with computingLB1028.4.H3512018
12Mangal S. K.Essentials of Educational TechnologyLB1028.4.3912018
13Tasson Anastasios MResearch on e-Learning and ICT in EducationL1028.3.R4712018
14Yu ShenyquamMobile and Ubiquitoue Learning1028.3M6312018
15Li kan ChengInnovation in Open and Flexible EducationLC5803.C65.I6612018
16Hodges, B. CharlesSelf-efficacy in Instructional Technology ContextsLB1028.3.H4512018
17Cannon, MichelleDigital Media in Education: Teaching, Learning and Literacy Practices with young learnersL1043.C3612018
18Lubian, A. LamICT- Sipportrd Innovation in small Countries and developing Regions: Prespectives and Recommendation for International EducationLC1022.L38.6612018
19AnjuanTechnology for Efficient Learner support services in Distance EducationLB1028.3.A4312018
20Clinton, Gregory et..alEducational Technology and Narrative: story and Instructional DesignLB1028.4.C3512018
21Knezek, Geralt et..alSecond Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary EducationLB1044.87.K3912018
22Callangher, mylesEducational Technology for teaching and LearningLB1028.3.C3912017
23Singh Y. K.Instructional Technology in EducationLB1028.5.S5612017
24Panner Selvam S. K.Application of Language and TeachingPH106.S4512016
25Gracy A. Dr.Education Invention of MankindLB2831.58.G7312016
26 Stuart Russell et.alArtificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. 3rd ed.Q335.R8612016
27Gracy A. Dr.Modern Construction of KnowledgeLB1140.2.G7312016
28Clark, C. RuthE-Learning and science of InstitutionHF1106.C5512016
29Vusuana Than G. Challenges and Innovation in EducationLB1027.V5712015
30Mariyammal A.Teaching with Technology PackageLB1028.5.M3712015
31Vusuana Than G. Dr.New Contect for LearningLB41.5.V5712015
32KUMAR, K.LEducational Technology   ( 2nd)ed.LB1028.K8612014
33RAO, V.KVocational EducationLC1043.R3612014
34VERMA, DarpanStrategies and Theory of Vocational EducationLC1043.V4712014
35TANDON, GroundAn Introduction to Vocatational DevelopmentLB2343.T3612014
36MANGAL, S.KEssentials of Educational TechnologyLB1028.3.M3612014
37AnnonymousTechnologies in EducationLB1028.T4312014
38SELVAM, Panner.Future ClassroomLB1028.5.S4512014
39RAY, P.KEducational TechnologyLB1028.312014
40SELVAM, Panner.Digital Teaching and Learning LB1029.S4512013
41SELVAM, Panner.Teacher TechnologyLB1027.T4312013
42KOCHHAR, S.KEducational and Vocational Guidance in Secondary Schools LC1048.P47.K3612012
43RAO, V.KEducational TechnologyLB1028.3.R3612012
44BENJAMIN, NoahEncyclopedia of Practical Approach to Educational TechnologyLB1028.3.B4612011
45Rekha Yadau Education TechnologyLB1029.R5512011
46SELVAM, Panner.Virtual ClassroomLB1025.3.V5712010
47ARULSAMY, SApplication of ict in educationLB1576.A7912010
48SELVAM, Panner.Distance Educational as Dynamic RoleLC5805.D5712009
49SINGH, Damoda.Role of Vocational Education LC1043.S5612009
50CROSS, AlanEssential Primary Education LB1585.C7612008
51SIDDIQUI, MujibulhWomen EducationLC2482.S56812008
52PALEY, Vivian G.The Boy Who Would be a HelicopterLB140.3.P3512008
53POLLAND, AndrewReflective Teaching    (3rd)ed.LB1555.P6912008
54CHADHAN, AnupriyaSpecial EducationLC3965.C4312008
55KAUCHAK, Don.Introduction to TeachingLB1775.K3812008
56SELVAM, Panner.Distance Education Through Modern ApproachLC5803.S4512006
57ORLICH, HarderTeaching Strategies    ( 9Th) edLC1025.3.o7511993
58RAO, V.KEncyclopedia of Educational DevelopmentLB15.R3611990