Cyber Security list of Books

1Pressman, S. Roger (et…al)Software Engineering: A Practioners ApproachQA76.622020
2Forouzan, A. Behrouz (et…al)C t t Programming: An object oriented ApproachQA76.64.F6712020
3Gai, Silvano Building a Future – Prof. Cloud Infrastructure: A Unified achitecture for Tetwork, Security and Storage ServicesQA76.7.G3522020
4Kenneth LambartFundamentals of Python Data structures QA76.73.L3612019
5Kothari, C. R. (et…al)Research Methodology: Methods and techniquesQ180.55.K6812019
6Dehghantanha, Ali (et…al)Handbook of Big Data and loT SecurityQA76.9.H3612019
7Augenbaum Scott E.The Scret to Cyber SecurityTK5105.5.A8412019
8Sikos, Leslie F.Al in Cyber SecurityTK5105.5.S5512019
9West Jill (et…al)Network + Guide to Networks 7th ed.TK5105.W4812018
10Nagrath I. J. (et…al)Control systems engineeringTJ213.N25612018
11William StellingsOperating SystemsQA76.76.S7222018
12Kenneth S. BordersResearch Design and MethodsBF76.5.B6712018
13Paul DeitelJava how to programm Early objectivesQA76.73.D4512018
14Bramwell PhilHands-On Penetration Testing on WindowsTK5105.5.B7312018
15Dehghantanha, Ali (et…al)Cyber Threat IntelligenceQA76.9.C9312018
16Zhang, YinkgNetwork Function Virtualization: Concepts and Applicability in 5G NetworksTK5105.5.Z3412018
17Teixeira, Daniel (et…al)Metasploit Penetration Testing: Cook Book 3rd ed.TK5105.59.T4512018
18Andrews Jean (et…al)A Guide to Hardware: Managing Maintaining and Troubleshooting 9th ed.TK7887.A5412017 
19Jean AndrewsA Guide to IT technical suport TK5105.8.A5412017
20Schulz, GregSoftware-Defined Data Infrastructure EssentialsTK5105.5.S3812017
21Goransson Paul (et….al)Software Defined Networks: A Comprehensive Approach 2nd ed.TK5105.58.G6712017
22Copeland MarshallCyber Security on AzureTK5109.59.C6712017
23Kizza, Joseph MiggaGuide to Computer Network Security. 4th ed.TK5105.5.K5912017
24Sommervive, LanSoftware EngineeringQA 76.6 .S8612016
25Ashish, Bhat nagarPC Upgrading Maintainance and trouble shooting GuideQA76.3 .B4322016
26Phil WilliamsCyber SpaceHM221.W5512016
27Joyce FarrellVisual C# 2015: An Introduction to object- oriented programmingQA76.64.F3612016
28Smart, Nigel P.Cryptography Made SimpleTK510.2.94.S6212016
29Nelson L. S. da FonsecaCloud Services, Networking and ManagementQA76.585 .F6622015
30Mark CiampaSecurity + Guide to Network Security FundamentalsTK5105.C5312015
31FariellProgramming logic and DesignQA76.73.F3612015
32Helbing DinkThinking Ahead: Essays on big data, digital revolution, and participatory market SocietyQA76.8.H4512015
33Wieczorek, Martin (et…al)System and Software Quality: The next step for IndustrializationQA76.75.W5422014
34Mishra. K.L.PTheory of computer Science QA76.M5722012
35MonojitSatelite CommunicationTL694.A612012
36Wayman JamesIntroduction to BiometricsTK7882.B56.J3512011
37Vikas GuptaSecret Guide to Hardware and NetworkingTK510.5.G8732010
38Shelly RosenblettSystem Analysis and DesignQA402.S4412010
39Roy ChoudhuryNetwork and SystemTK5105.5.R5912010
40Chris ClarkMobile Application SecurityTK5102.85 .D8812010
41Greegory PeterCISA Certified Information Systems Auditor: Exam GuideQA76.9.G7312010
42Behrouz A. ForouzanCryptography and Network Security TK5105.59 .B3412008
43Oliver, P. R. M & Kanataris Using PDF files QA76.8.G4522005
44Gbenga AjuguWebsite DesignerTK5105.888.G2312005
45Stallings,WilliamData and Computer CommunicationTK5105 .S7312004
46Comer DouglasHands on Networking with Internet TechnologiesTK5105.5 .C5912004
47Brijendre SinghData Communication and Computer NetworksTK5105.5 .B7522004
48Stallings,WilliamCryptography and Network Security TK5105.59 .S71312003
49Panko,R.RaymondBusiness data, network & telecommunicationQA76.8.P3622003
50Stallings,WilliamHigh-speed Networks & internetsQA75.S7222002
51Stallings,WilliamWireless Communication & NetworksQA75.S7222002
52Salah AidarousTelecommunications Network ManagementTK5102.5 .T395512002
53Shari LawrenceSoftware Engineering: Theory and PracticeQA76.6.S4212001
54Dodge MartinAtlas Cyber SpaceTK5105.59.D6312001
55CEM KanerTesting Computer SoftwareQA76.76.T48 K3611993
56Blach, UlyessData communication & distributed networksQA76.8.B5221993
57Blach, Ulyesscomputer network protocol standard and interfaceTK5105.55.B5211993