Biology Education Programme





First Semester 100 Level Courses

Course CodeTitleCreditStatus
GNS 101Communication in English I2C
GNS 103Basic Communication in Arabic I1C
GNS 105Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT2C
EDU 101Historical Foundation of Education2C
CMP 101Introduction to Computer Science3C
BGY 111General Biology I3C
CHM 111General Chemistry I3R
PHY 111Introductory Physics I3R
MAT 111General Mathematics I3R

Second Semester 100Level Courses

Course CodeTitleCreditStatus
GNS 102Communication in English II2C
GNS 104Islamic Faith and Practice1C
EDU 102Introduction to Teaching Profession2C
CMP 102Introduction to Problem Solving3R
BGY 122General Biology II3C
CHM 122General Chemistry II3R
PHY 122Introductory Physics II3R
PHY 112Laboratory Physic I2R
MAT 112General Mathematics II3R
STA 192Statistics for Biological & Agricultural Sciences2E

First Semester 200Level Courses

Course CodeTitleCreditStatus
GNS 201Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence2C
GNS 203Basic Communication in Arabic II2C
GNS 205Introduction to Entrepreneurship1C
EDU 201Educational Administration2C
EDU 203Philosophy of Education2C
EDU 205Microteaching and School Visit2C
BGY 211Genetics I2C
BGY 213Introductory Ecology2C
BGY 215Cell Growth & Development2C
ZLY 211Lower Invertebrate2R
MCB 211Introductory Microbiology I3R
BTN 221Seedless Plant2R
BCH 281Introduction to Biochemistry I2R

Second Semester 200Level Courses

Course CodeTitleCreditStatus
GNS 202Nigerian People, Culture and the Economy2C
GNS 204Basic Islamic Concepts1C
GNS 206Contemporary Health Issues2C
EDU 202Subject Methodology I2C
EDU 204Educational Psychology2C
SED 214History and Philosophy of Science2R
BGY 212General Physiology2C
BGY 242Biological Techniques2C
ZLY 212Chordates2R
MCB 212Introductory Microbiology II3R
BCH 282Introduction to Biochemistry II2R

First Semester 300Level Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditStatus
GNS 301Environment and Sustainable Development2C
GNS 303Entrepreneurship and Skill Development3C
EDU 311Teaching Practice I2C
EDU 313Curriculum and Instruction I2C
EDU 315Educational Technology2C
SED 315Nigerian Primary/ Secondary School Science Curricula2R
BGY 311Genetics II2C
BGY 321Evolution3C
BTN 321Plant Ecology3R
ZLY 323Animal Ecology3R

Second Semester 300Level Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditStatus
GNS 302Leadership Skills, Peace and Conflict Resolution2C
EDU 308ICT in Education2C
EDU 310Special Education2C
EDU 312Subject Methodology II2C
EDU 314Research Methods, Statistics & Data Processing2C
SED 324School Science Laboratory2C
BGY 352Basic Entomology & Pest Control2C
BTH 312Principles of Biotechnology2C
BTN 324Plant Reproduction2R
BTN 326Plant Physiology2R
ZLY 328Animal Physiology2C
ZLY 330Parasitology3R
ZLY 332Comparative Vertebrates2R

First Semester 400Level Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditStatus
EDU 411Teaching Practice II4C
EDU 413Curriculum and Instruction II2C
EDU 415Guidance & Counseling2C
EDU 417Test and Measurement2C
EDU 419Seminar in Science Education2R
EDU 499Research Project5C
SED 411Research Methods and Data Processing2R
BGY 411Population Ecology2C
BTN 413Soil Science2R

Second Semester 400Level Course

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditStatus
EDU 410Post-Teaching Practice Evaluation & Remediation2C
SED 412Science, Technology and Society2R
BGY 412Conservation of Natural Resources2C
BTN 414Plant Pathology2R
BTN 482Plant Tissue2R
BGY 414Hydrobiology2C
BGY 452Development Biology2C

Dr. H. O. Bolaji

Ag. Head of Department,

Department of Science Education