Dr. S.A Suleman

Lecturer I

Historical Background

I was born in Agege Maternity Centre, Lagos State in the early 1980s.


I started my primary and Secondary education in Ilorin, Kwara state before proceeding to Lagos state for my N.C.E,, Msc., and currently Ph.D in Communication Studies.


Research Interest

Journalism, Health Communication and Public Relations


    1. Academic Publications with Dates
      Akinnubi, O.P, Raji, O.W, Oladimeji, R.M, Suleman, A.S and Awodiji, O.A (2013). Principal’s information Management Strategies and Teachers’ Productivity in Ilorin Metropolis Secondary Schools, Kwara State. International Journal of Mult-Disciplinary Studies and Sports Research (IJMSRE). 9 (56-63).
      Suleman, A.S. (2013). Formation of Synergy between African Traditional Systems and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for rural Development. Springboard Journal. 1(5), 93-101.
      Suleman, A.S. (2014). Security Implication of Social Networking on the Nation’s Development in National Security and Development in Contemporary Nigeria. I.B. Bello-Imam edited. 1.(1) 183-193.
      Wonuola, M.M and Suleman, A.S. (2015). Coverage of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria:
      A Content Analysis of Selected Newspapers. Osun State Sociological Review. 1.(1), 31-51.
      Raji, O.W. and Suleman, A.S (2015). An Assessment of Mass Media Language and National Security in Nigeria. Al-Hikmah Journal of Education 2(1), 29-36.
      Wonuola, M. M. and Suleman, A. S. (2016). Revitalization of Indigenous Languages through mass media: A Tool for Cultural Re-awakening. Journal of Humanities and Education, Federal University, Gusau 1(1), 363-374.
      Suleman, A.S. and Okeowo, T.O. (2019). Gender Balance in Political Reporting: A Tool for National Development. Journal of Media, Communication and Languages, (JMC&L) Cross Rivers State University of Technology. Vol.6 (1), 108-114.
      Suleman, A.S. and Sherrif, A.O. (2021). The Print Media and the Challenges of Stereotyping in Reporting Conflict Issues in Nigeria in Humanus Discourse Journal, Redeemers University, Ede. Vol. 1 (1). 152-169.
      Suleman, A.S and Okeowo, T.O (2021). Family planning campaign in Nigeria: In search for the right communication strategy

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