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ISSN: 2805-3931 DATE ADDED: 2021-09-09 CONTACT: Dr. Ajagbe: +234 803 390 9484

The  Al-Hikmah International Journal  of  Finance (AHIJoF)  is  a  bi-annual  (June  and  December)  double  blind  peer  review  publication  of  the Department of Banking and Finance, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. The Journal particularly focuses on all issues related to the field of Finance and Management. Articles  written  in  English  are expected from  interested  scholars  and  researchers  in  the  University  Academic Community, banks and other financial institutions, establishments  and professionals  for  consideration and possible publication in its  June and December,  2021  Madden  Edition:  Vol.1  No.1. All manuscripts are assessed initially by the editors and only those papers that met the editorial standards of the journal will be sent for review. Acceptance  of  all articles will  be  based  on  the  quality  and  originality  of  the  research  and  its  scholarly contribution  to  the  field  of  Finance and Management. The  Editors  and  the  Publisher reserve  the  right  to  modify  typescripts  to  ensure  clarity. Manuscripts requiring major corrections will be returned to the author(s).


The Journal especially encourages submissions of high-quality research papers from corporate Efinance, behavioural finance and Islamic Finance and banking. However, research coming from other areas such as Accounting, Management, Business, Economics, quantitative methods and applications, marketing, agricultural finance and economics, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, regional development and others are also considered for publication. 


Guideline for authors

The papers submitted to AHIJoF should be original work, must not be submitted to any other journal for concurrent publication or being considered for publication or even being reviewed or published and strictly adhere to its publication policies.


Manuscript Preparation

Papers must be written in English and should shun slang or jargon. Abbreviations and acronyms should be clearly defined when first introduced in the text. Authors should ensure consistency in their writing styles.


Length of Paper

The  preferred length of  a  paper is  between  4,500  and  5,500  words  inclusive  of everything (Tables,  Figures, References and Appendices)  or alternatively  not  exceeding  17 pages


Written Format

Manuscripts must  be  prepared  using  Microsoft  Word  (version  2003,  2007  or  2010),  using  Times New  Roman  as  the  font  type.  The  Article  should  be  double  spaced  for  the  whole  manuscript  except  for Abstract which should be  1.0 with top,  bottom  and  side margins at 30mm.


Cover Page

The cover page of the manuscript should include the title of the work in capital letter, name(s) of the author(s), affiliated institution(s), e-mail address(es) and phone number, the abstract and the keywords all in Times Roman font size12should be indicated. The  title  should  be  short,  concise  and  reflective  of  the  purpose  and  findings  of  the  manuscript.  The  font  size  should  be  14,  bold  and  centralized  while  each  word  is capitalized  in  the  title. 


Abstract should be concise, informative and not more than 250 words, ‘abstract’ should be italic, typed in font size 12.  



Keywords  should  not  be  more  than  six  in  alphabetical order;  the  word  ‘keyword’  should  be bold. 


Tables and Figures

A brief title should be given above each table and any footnotes below.  The title of  tables  should  be  written lower case and bold,  typed  in  Times  New  Roman and  font  size  12  with  single  line spacing. The contents of the Table should be in Times New Roman, font size 10, single spacing, and aligned to the left. 



References to the publications should strictly follow APA Latest edition. References should  be  arranged  alphabetically  by  the  family name  or  the  main  name  of  the  first  author.  


Submission of Manuscripts

Articles should be submitted electronically to or Submission should be accompanied with a vetting fee of #5,000 only should be paid to the Journal Account and evidence of payment submitted along with the manuscript. Any article that does not adhere strictlywith the submission guideline may be returned for necessary revision before entering the review process.


Publication Fees:

 A Publication Fee of #15,000 should be paid to the Journal Account upon acceptance for publication. For Inquiries contact any of the following: Editor in Chief Dr. Ajagbe T. Surajdeen. (08033909484), Business Manager Dr. K.I. Nageri (08095304482) or R. O. Ibrahim (08033145105).



Vol. 1, No.1, June 2021 : AHIJoF

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